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  My favorite videos

Playing with Boo kittyI am not a movie star, but lots of doggies & kitties out there are. I'll run out of room to list them all on the side so I'll keep them all here when I change those. Woof at me if you know others I should list.

iTrixie trivia
This is me & my anipal Boofy again. We stare at each other, then jump on each other, then run run run, and then start over again. Look at those eyes!

Best webcam ever
Pete's Pond 24/7 wildlife refuge watering hole in Botswana - now year round!
direct URL (opens RealPlayer)

Some of my anipals' movies
Freda (DeltaBunny) - she will be missed
iSadie Shih Tzu being all kinds of cute
The Milk Joke with Loki the talking cat
Snoopy Doggie Dog can RUN!
Socks Army message featuring Penny
Ultimate belly rub with XiaGooberella the talking dog

Cute, funny and weird
Animal Planet "Breed All About It: Papillon"
Bengal cats on exercise wheel, taking turns - others not taking turns
Boogie Boogie Hedgehog
Bouncy papillon *boing boing*
Dog, cat & rat, Santa Barbara anipals
Escape Beagle
Flying doghouse, with Snoopy on top
Hamster on a piano eating popcorn
Lauren Bacall's (peculiar) papillon Sophie
Man sings boxer puppies to sleep
Ninja cat comes closer without moving
Nora, the piano playing cat
Papillon swims without water
Roomba riding kitty
Righteous Kill, starring Lou of 'The Soup' and Spaghetti Cat
Shina Ina puppy cam highlights
South Central Chihuahua, starring Lou of 'The Soup'
Spaghetti Cat's origins
Underage Bichon by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog (adult content/NSFW)
Why your dog really goes outside

Talented competition doggies
Carolyn Scott & Rookie dance to 'Grease'
Kate & Gin on 'Britain's Got Talent'
Kate & Gin 'Britain's Got Talent' finals
Tina Humphrey & Chandi at Crufts 2007
Kimberly Sisak & Phoebe 2007 AKC agility finals
Ricky Papillon wins Crufts 2009 Toy Division
Westminster 2009 papillon competition
Westminster 2008 papillon competition

Meow Mix House
This was a series of commercials kitty reality show on Animal Planet that was hysterical. It starred 10 shelter cats and each got adopted when they were eliminated. They even had a 24/7 live feed from their Manhattan habitat! The winner became VP of R&D at Meow Mix. I hope they bring it back for another season, but meanwhile here are all the episodes:
episode 1 - meet the cat-testants
episode 2 - climbathon
episode 3 - purr-off
episode 4 - ultimate feline makeover
episode 5 - cat art
episode 6 - NASCAT (cancelled)
episode 7 - mind-reading
episode 8 - cat acting
episode 9 - hang in there, baby
episode 10 - pet-off finale

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Some of my favorite clicks
CHEAP Advantage/Frontline dogs or cats

Best Bully Sticks I LOVE THEM!
Amazon.com pet supplies
PETCO.com I love their stores
Animal Planet the only good stuff on TV
Victoria Stilwell 'It's Me or the Dog'
Cesar Millan 'The Dog Whisperer'
Dogstuff especially their papillon stuff
I Has a Hotdog LOLdogs
I Can Has Cheezburger LOLcats
Upside-down Dogs
Upside-down Kitties

Twitter Critter Birthdays
Cats Who Twitter
Black Cats on Twitter

Some of my favorite videos
Kate & Gin 'Britain's Got Talent' finals
Tina Humphrey & Chandi at Crufts 2007
Nora, the piano playing cat
Pete's Pond - African wildlife (streaming)
Roomba riding kitty
Why dogs really go outside

Lauren Bacall's (peculiar) papillon Sophie
Animal Planet: Papillons
Bouncy papillon *boing boing*
Papillon swims without water
Ricky Papillon wins Crufts 2009 Toys
Westminster 2009 papillon competition
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Visit some of my anipals
Belle, adventure papillon (and my sister)
Caplin the pet capybara
Daisy the curly cat, with fashions
Johann the Dog's blog
Loki the talking cat
Lou, Mama's Boy, fun doggie photo blog
Monkey Cat, supermodel with tortietude
Peanut Butter & Jenny, a funny pretty cat
Postmark Arabella, a smart & busy dog
Rosie & Cheeto's blog
Sadie Shih Tzu the social media puppy
Sansan Pups, home of Kaley Corgi
Sockington of New York Times fame
Splash the Lab's training diary
The World According to Misha Cat

Some of my person's clicks
Odd Twits interesting non-tech Twitterers
Pogo Tips stuff about games & badges
Dingo's Hamsterwatch Big Brother USA
Neon Pages websites and such
neonne dumb tweets/not about me