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My stinky summer - 9/13/10

This is where I've spent my summer, in this little pink & brown bed on the floor in the olden man's kitchen

That's right: no beaches or forests or hikes or other fun summer outings for me.. I've been stuck in this same spot nearly every day BORED TO TEARS because my person was doing that idiotic Hamsterwatch site for idiotic Big Brother, and because the olden man never got well enough to live alones again, so we've been living here with him

I guess it could have been worse.. I'm a big girl now and it was easier for me to nap all day than it was for last summer's Big Brother when I was just a baby, and I have to admit this little pink bed is pretty comfy.. also the olden man isn't too sick to give me ear skritches (and he gives the BEST ones!).. also his cat Kismet is kind of friendly with me now, and I get to go on walkies in the park next door every day and I almost always meet other doggies there

I guess I like it here okay, but I want to go home

I've been a bad dog - 7/4/10

I've been: I haven't updated this blog for three months! I'm very sorry, loyal readers (if there are any of you left)

It's been a busy time for me: today I sort of went to a July 4th parade - I say sort of because I sat in the shade where the parade ended and fell apart, but it was fun.. I ignored a giant fire truck, I met a few doggies, lots of children patted me, and Miss Teenage California said I was cute! Well, I am

The olden man has been in the hopsital all this time! Actually he's been in three different hopsitals, and two of them let me visit so I've really been getting good at being a therapy doggie.. he is going home tomorrow, and my person & me are going to stay there with him for a while

I don't know what that will be like but I understand I'll have to stay on my leash all the time, since his kittycat Kismet doesn't want to play chase with me, and it's her house.. I've been going to see her every day though, and at least she says hello to me now

Between that and my person starting up Hamsterwatch again for the stupid Big Brother 12 tv show and live feeds, I don't know what my summer will be like.. I hated those BB feeds so much last year! I don't know why my person bothers with it but she says it lets her feel like a writer for a few months, whatever that means

My Great Escape - 4/17/10

Since the olden man's been in the hopsital, my person's been taking care of his cat.. her name is Kismet and she's kind of shy.. sometimes I go with my person to feed her, but I usually have to stay by the front door so I don't try to play chase with her (rats!)

Today I got to go over there and play in the backyard, and I laid down by the plants for a little while until my person sprayed water on them.. then we went to the front yard to spray water on those plants, and I made a Great Escape!

My person was about to loop my leash around a bar so I wouldn't trot through the watering puddles, and I realized it was my chance to run off, so I did! I ran down the walk and across the lawn, and past the next house, and then I went down the other side of that house.. my person was running after me and calling me, but I pretended not to hear - I knew I was being naughty, but I couldn't help myself!

Then I came to a fence, and I turned into some ivy that was as tall as me.. I leaped around in it for a minute, and then decided to hear my person, and I got caught and scolded

Hopsital visit - 4/16/10

I've talked about the olden man before: he's one of my person's persons and he's very old.. he's also very good at giving ear skritches

A little while ago he didn't feel good and had to go to a place called a hopsital - it's kind of like going to the vet, but for persons.. when he went there, I was alones practically all night long which never happened before, but I was brave and good.. the next day he had to have what's called an operation and he stayed in the hopsital for more than a week

Then he got moved to a different kind of hopsital to get better and guess what? I got to visit him there! I'm not an official therapy doggie but they said it's okay anyway, so I went to see him and I sat on his bed and got my ears skritched - I think it made him feel better

Free foods! - 3/30/10

This is my kibble: it's made by Nutro.. I like the kind called Small Bites because it comes in little small bites for my little small mouth

A while ago my person got a bunch of coupons from Nutro, along with an envelope to save the little squares with funny lines & numbers from my kibble bags.. well, we saved ten of them, and we took the little envelope to the store to get a free bag.. at first one store looked at it funny and then said no, they wouldn't give me a free bag, so we got busy

The store is called Pet Food Express and it's usually a really neat place, so my person emailed their main place to ask why they wouldn't take it - the company founder, president and co-owner Michael Levy himself answered right away and said he would tell that store to give me my free bag! Also I used Twitter to ask my furiend ReneeATNutro about it, and she was very helpful (as usual) and she started to look into it too!

In the meantime we went to a different Pet Food Express store and they said "Okay, here's your free bag" so it all ended well, nobody had to put a bitey on anyone for me, and I got a new bag of kibbles for free!

I really love my Nutro foods.. it's all I eat and I am very healthy since it's not made from corn like lots of dog food - my person says my poop doesn't even stink.. they make a lot of different types but my kibble is Natural Choice lamb meal and rice in Small Bites, as I said.. along with it, I also get a little Nutro MAX wet food twice a day - I like the one made from chickens, rice and lambs, it's very yummy.. they make very good cat foods too

YOU CAN GET FREE FOODS TOO! Just sign up for Nutro Frequet Buyer Program to get your special envelope, then start saving the little funny-lines-and-numbers squares.. you can't redeem at Petco, PetSmart or Pet Supermarket, but maybe you have a nice local store like Pet Food Express.. even if you don't save the little squares, you'll also get a bunch of coupons for all kinds of Nutro foods! Any store that takes coupons will take those

Tag! You're it - 3/27/10

It's a doggy blog game! I got tagged on Twitter by @dogstories, who are my furiends Sadie & Lily of Fairmount Dog Stories! I'm supposed to post the 10th ever picture from my blog, and this is almost it.. actually this is the 9th picture because the 10th one wasn't of me, and I am dog, so I am kind of self-centered

This picture is me having a bath, as you can tell.. it's from over a year ago and it's still kind of embarrassing (although it does show off my girlish figure)

Now I need to tag five other blogging doggies who have to post their 10th ever picture, and they have to tag five more doggies, and so on, and so on

So I hereby tag @sadieshihtzu, @SidTheCatahoula, @LouPeb, @SirFudgeEsq, and my sister @bellebean.. have fun!

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