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  All about me

3 months oldAs you can see, I started off pretty little, but it didn't take me long to get bigger.

I was born in Oregon at Swallowtail Papillons. It's a great place with lots of trees, cows & horsies nearby, other doggies to play with and nice persons who understand us, and I had lots of fun there.

When I was little, my gigantic ears didn't always stand up right.. sometimes one would be up and sometimes the other one. Nobody knew if they'd both stand up or not - we had to wait and see.

4 months oldWhen I was 4 months old I went in an airplane (all by myself!) and flew to California to my new home. I wasn't sure what to think about that, but it didn't take me long to realize I like it here! By this time, both of my ears stood up sometimes but mostly my right ear was floppy.. I thought it was a cute look on me.

I was spayed a few days before I turned 6 months old. I think it's important that every doggie and kitty get "fixed" unless their persons are Real Breeders and know how to find good homes for all their babies. There are too many puppies and kittens that have no homes and that makes me sad.

6 months oldI don't remember much about my operation except the doctor persons were very nice to me, but I felt really funny that night when I got to go home again. I had a little glue-stuff on my tummy but it didn't bother me, and I didn't have to wear a lampshade like some anipals. I do remember that I couldn't run or jump for ten whole days - that was awful!

By the way, both of my ears stand up now all the time, just like they're supposed to! My trademark papillon fringes on them are growing in, I'm getting more of my fluffy papillon coat, and my tail is unfurling and starting to get its plume look.. I am really coming along nicely.

iTrixie trivia
My person found and saved five of my baby teeth. They are funny looking when they're not in my mouth.

Things I like

Brekkies and suppertime! I don't eat cows or corn - my kibble is Nutro Natural Choice Small Bites Puppy with chicken meal, rice & oatmeal, and I eat Nutro Max Puppy wetfood with chicken, lamb & rice.. I love my wetfood! Update: Now that I'm all grown up, I don't eat puppy foods anymore - but I eat the comparable Nutro wet food & kibble as before.

Chewing! I can chew for hours on my rope toys, rawhides, Nylabones and Greenies stix. I like chewing my person's socks too, but they are usually hiding from me.

Walkies! Most persons think walkies are for peeing & pooping, but they're really all about sniffing.

I VOTEDPlaying! I like playing fetch with my balls or toys, and I also like chewing them - especially the squeakies! Some of my toys need killing.. it's very satisfying when I've torn off a tag or an eye, but a toy isn't truly dead until I've ripped it open and pulled out its stuffing like this or this or even this.

Wilding! Sometimes I run full speed round & round on my own personal racecourse through my house or my backyard. I don't know why.

Napping! Ahhh, there's nothing like a good cozy nap in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Sometimes I sleep in a little curled-up ball, sometimes I sleep on my tummy with my back legs out froggie-style, and sometimes I sleep on my back with my paws up in the air.

Playing with Boo! Boo/Boofy/Fooby is a little black kitten who visits here sometimes. We don't play the same way and we kinda confuse each other, but we still have the Big Fun.

Visiting! I like to see my person's persons, especially the olden man, and I also like going shopping at the doggie/kitty store and other places I get to go into. I like riding in the car but I don't like waiting in it at places I'm not allowed to go inside.

Cuddling! After a long day of playing, chewing and napping, I love to cozy up with my person and get brushed & petted, and told how pretty I am.

Pees! Fresh, frozen, cooked or raw, inside pee-pods or loose - I love 'em all.

Things I don't like

Being scolded! Sometimes I'm a little naughty, and I do not like to be reminded of it.

my raincoatRain! It's horrible stuff.. but I'm ready for it.

Garbage cans! The big ones on wheels scare me. I really don't like the day they get wheeled out or the day they get wheeled back in.

Clothes machines! There are two big white ones in my litterbox room. Mostly they're okay, but sometimes they make loud noises that I don't like.

Lettuce! My person gave me a little piece once and it was awful! I don't know how persons can eat that stuff, it's gak! Ptui!

iTrixie trivia
When I get down from a chair or bed, I don't jump right down to the floor. I fly straight out, then drop straight down and land on all fours.

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Sharing the Love
My anipal Loki at Orange Cat Blues awarded me this Sharing the Love award, which was created by a mommy whose little boy got a new heart. Read about it here and everyone, remind your persons to be organ donors. Thanks Loki!

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