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Congratulations to Sadie! - 2/16/10

Once again, Sadie the Scottish terrier won her group and went on to win Best in Show at Westminster.. it seems like just the other day she won the AKC Eukanuba show too - oh, it was just the other day!

Sadie, whose full name is Ch. Roundtown Mercedes of Maryscot, is quite the doggie champ, having won 111 Best in Show titles already including the National Dog Show.. tonight's win made her the first doggie to ever win all three major USA shows - way to go, Sadie!

Congratulations to Flynn! - 2/15/10

Woof a big hello to Ch Forevr Errol Flynn (who goes by Flynn).. he won the papillon group at the big Westminster dog show today! Isn't he a cutie?

He went on to place fourth for the Toys division, which was on TV.. first would have been nice so he could go on to Best in Show tomorrow, but of course a toy poodle won that again.. it seems like they always win whatever size they are - they have that unfair costume advantage

I'll post the winner tomorrow after it happens.. may the best doggie win!

Happy Valentine! - 2/14/10

I've been told I have hearts coming out of my eyes so I figured these little heart glasses would be a good Valentine look for me.. I hope everybuddy has a happy Valentine with lots of hugs and treatses!

Also a happy Chinese New Year which is also today! I like that new year better than ours because it's all about anipals.. this will be the year of the tiger

Go Sadie, go - 2/8/10

I have mentioned my good buddy Sadie Shih Tzu here before because she is a great anipal all around and also extremely cute.. well, her talents are being recognized in a big way, and deservedly so

Ms Sadie has been nominated for a 2010 Canadian Weblog Award, and that's a pretty big deal! Not only that, but she was kind enough to mention ME in her official interview for the awards! That made me so happy, I've been dancing in circles since I found out

If you don't know Sadie yet, you really should get to know her.. not only is she this cute, but she's also an expert on destroying things like shoes and squeakies (and she's full of tips to help you perfect your technique).. she's also very avant garde in her personal style and will often experiment with new and unusual haircuts, she's a fashion model, and she's also very brave, enduring snow that's taller than she is to do her business in brrr cold Manitoba where she lives in the winter (she also lives there in the summer)

So good luck to Sadie in the awards, and be sure to visit her award-nominated woofsite, and bark hello to her on Twitter - tell her iTrixie sent you!

Super Bowl, schmuper bowl - 2/7/10

Why would I want to watch a bunch of persons run around and play fetch badly? Seriously, those guys simply do not understand the fundamentals of the game.. nope, not me - I'm watching Puppy Bowl VI on Animal Planet

They have the usual assortment of adorable puppies, loads of neat toys for them, and lots of ruff 'n tumble play! The waterbowl cam is back along with the tailgater doggies watching the game and the spectacular kitties halftime show, and this year they added bunny cheerleaders and hamsters in a blimp.. AND the best thing, unlike that other dumb game, this one will repeat all day so I can watch it again and again.. thank you Animal Planet for the best show on the TV box!

Update I'm pleased to report that all this bowl activity culminated in a joyous reunion with my Supper Bowl - again I ask who needs a Super Bowl? I've got my priorities in order

Madame Trixarini at your service - 1/30/10

Yep, it's me, in my new fortune telling hat - it turns me into Madame Trixarini and lets me tell the future.. you may not believe that, but I can prove it: following are some burning questions that many anipals really want the answer to, incuding me.. check back here after whatever is listed happens to you, and see if I was right
  1. If your person left you alones, they will come back
  2. If you go to the doctor person, they might hurt you a teeny bit, but they really don't like to.. they will say you're a good boy or girl, and you'll feel better when you get home
  3. Yes, you will get your suppers tonight!
  4. The rainy, windy, snowy, or too hot will go away, eventually
  5. When your person goes into the tiny little room where the waters fly around, they will come out again, safely (although they won't smell right)
  6. Yes, you do snore
  7. If your squeakie or chewie was taken away because it needs "supervision", you will get it back later
  8. If your squeakie or chewie was taken away because you killed it, you will not get it back later
  9. If you got a new puppy, kitten, or baby person, I'm sorry but no, it won't go away
  10. Yes, the vacuum cleaner does want to eat you - BEWARE!

That's just a few examples but you'll see I'm right.. I'm putting them here partly to remind me about these things too in case I forget, the same as I did with my vocabulary words.. if you have a burning question for Madame Trixarini, ask me on my Twitter!

Still raining - 1/26/10

The rainy's still here, and I may never get to go on walkies again.. that is all

Squirrel gymnastics - 1/23/10

Those squirrels are getting trickier every day: today when I looked outside, I saw this one hanging upside-down! And he didn't just trip trying to fly-leap from one branch to the next, no, he was eating like that

They seem to like those little spiky bombs on my tree - I don't know why, they don't smell like food, all they do is poke at my feetses when I step on them.. but the squirrels like them

Hey, maybe they aren't eating them - maybe they're collecting them to use as paw grenades for when the Squirrel Wars officially begin - you know they're coming! Or maybe they're just practicing their gymnastics

"The sun did not shine, it was too wet to play" - 1/20/10

"So I sat in the house all that cold, cold, wet day" - that's from a famous book for little persons called The Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss, and it sure describes my week

It's been storming like crazy here with lots of rainy and windy, and I haven't been on walkies since Sunday, when I walked all the way to the downtown part of my town - I guess it all evens out? Nope! I miss my walkies, mostly because I miss all the great sniffage out there.. I don't much like going out in the wet though, so I'm glad I have my litterbox inside.. I did discover today that I'm not afraid of thunder, and that was a relief since I know some doggies are terrified by the rumblies.. I woofed at it

I discovered something else this week too: I finally watched the movie UP last night and I was surprised to discover how many doggies are in it! Nobody told me that, or I would have watched it a lot sooner

This guy is one of the stars, and his name is Dug.. it was a pretty cute movie and the doggies in it were really smart - but be warned, some of them aren't very nice.. Dug is totally nice though, and very funny, and he really helps persons find out what goes on in our doggie heads

Pretty music - 1/16/10

This pretty person's name is Hilary Hahn, and she plays pretty music on a violin.. she was on television this week, and she knows me!

Well, that's not exactly true: I've never met her in person, but she knows all about me and she asks about me a lot.. my person keeps her website running, just like she helps me with this woofsite, and has met her many times

Normally I don't understand music much, but Hilary's is very pretty and I like when it's playing.. it was great to see her on the talkiebox this week - she was on the Conan O'Brien show - and I understand lots of persons saw her on there since lots of persons are watching Conan these days.. that makes two persons who know me (or know about me) who've been on the talkiebox now, including Caplin ROUS - maybe I'll be on next!

Stupid hamsters again - 1/8/10

As some of you know, I was horribly neglected last summer when my person got all caught up in watching the hamster persons of Big Brother for her Hamsterwatch woofsite.. when it was finally over, I was promised it wouldn't happen again until next summer (and I have been secretly hoping "next summer" doesn't get here for a long, long time)

Well, imagine my surprise and disgust when I found out Big Brother is back, and it's not even summer yet.. this time it's in another country and it's supposed to be celebrities but they aren't really celebrities - it's not like Ms. Victoria Stilwell is there.. fortunately it's not all day and night this time, and my person has only been watching a little bit of it, but it still worries me a bit because I think I was fibbed to

Car wash - 1/5/10

I had quite the adventure last night: I was out with my person in the car, going here & going there like we do, and then we drove into this garage-type thingy.. I didn't think anything of it until BAM!

All of a sudden a lot of waters started flying, we got covered in sudses, and big huge brushes were coming at us, and lots of noise! I was so surprised and scared I LEAPED from my seat right into my person's lap! Normally I'm not allowed to be in the lap in the car because of the driving wheel thingy, but I didn't care - I FLEW over there and huddled down as small as I could

Luckily I got held tight and cuddled which helped, but the waters and brushes kept coming, and then some big loud WHOOOOOSHes of windy came at us!

It was the scariest & weirdest thing ever, and felt like it lasted forever - but I guess it was just a few minutes.. when it finally ended, we drove away and the car was shiny

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