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I'm in a movie! - 11/30/09

VatelIt's not really me, but it might as well be: this little papillon looks exactly like me right down to the colors, markings and fringes.. imagine my surprise when he (or she) popped up on the screen in a movie my person was watching

The movie is called Vatel and it's about King Louis XIV of France in the late 1600s.. the little papillon is the king's own doggie, and he (or she) stars in about five scenes - he (or she) even gets a close-up when he (or she) is fed a treatses by the king himself!

You might think that's a little unusual, but King Louis XIV was famous for (among some other things) having papillon doggies - which you already know if you've read my about papillons page.. actually it wasn't 100% historically accurate, since back then we were called epagneul nain Continental (Continental toy spaniel) and we had droopy ears like our phalene variety has today.. the famous standy-uppy papillon ears came along a little later

My person said it wasn't a bad movie either, but my scenes were all in the first half so that's all I watched before I went to sleep, but it sure was exciting to see me on screen.. Vatel is also on Netflix Instant for free, which is how we watched it

Vatel       Vatel

Tiaras and treatses - 11/28/09

sparkliesToday there's another party on Twitter: this time it's for PepiSmartDog, an Australian doggie who sadly crossed the Rainbow Bridge earlier this year

I think I've said before that I don't really understand these online parties since they have lots of music & lots of boozy, and being a dog, I'm not much interested in either.. they also collect dollars for anipals who need help which is a good thing, but I don't understand dollars either so I don't get involved in that part (apparently this woofsite isn't contributing to my kibble supply: I may need a charity party soon)

Sometimes I wonder if persons take over tweeting for their anipals at some of these parties, but I do enjoy seeing all my anipals and I like dressing up for these events.. this one is a glamorous do, so I've gone sparklies with a diamond tiara and ruby necklace, plus I had a mani-pedi yesterday so I'm ready for the puparazzi!

TURKEYS - 11/26/09

turkeysThis was the day I've been waiting for since last year (which was my very first Thanksgiving) and it was worth the wait! It started out with lots of good smells in the kitchen, and then eventually I got to go to the olden man's house where there was TURKEYS.. even though I was very good the whole time I was visiting, I only got teeny little morsels - but I just LOVE turkeys!

Our turkeys didn't look anything like this one but I have been assured this is a turkey so I am putting his picture here to salute him for being so delicious.. there was lots of other foods there too but I didn't get tastes of them, so I'm not putting their pictures up

When I got home again I got a special doggie dinner of - what else? TURKEYS! and it was super-nommy.. I hope everybuddy had as nice a Thanksgiving as I did, and for you pups & kitties who just had your first Thanksgiving today, you'll be pleased to know it will come around again next year for more TURKEYS

Now I am cozied down on the sofa, full of good foods, and ready to sleep til bedtime

Urp - 11/21/09

That's what I did last night, and then my supper was on the rug instead of in my tummy.. it really surprised me, as I've never done that before!

I don't remember eating anything I shouldn't, I felt fine afterwards and I feel fine today so who knows what it was about? I was going to include a picture here of the urp but my person said no

My Great Escape - 11/14/09

I've only ever had one Great Escape and it was a whole year ago, so I decided it was time for another.. my person told me to stay in the car but I didn't want to, even if it was only for five minutes, so when she was getting out of the car and saying "Stay" I didn't stay: I snuck out the open car door as she was getting out

Well, she started yelling at me "Stay! Stay!" but I wanted to check out the sidewalk, so I trotted over to it and started going walkies.. I had my walkies harness on (but not my leash) and my person was trotting behind me like always on walkies, so I don't know why she kept hollering "Stay!" at me.. granted this new sidewalk was next to a busy street with lots of cars on it but jeesh, I know how to walk on a sidewalk

Finally my person pounced on me, grabbed me by my harness, picked me up, and took me back to the car where I had to stay by myself after all, and I admit it was only for five minutes and not so bad.. all the way home she kept saying "I can't believe you did that" but I really don't see what the big deal is - I was only going for a little walkies

It got cold - 11/13/09

Sorry, anipals! I've fallen behind updating my blog here again, and I blame that dumb thing called work that keeps my person busy, and keeps me under her desk while she's doing it

To make up for it, we've been going on extra long walkies most evenings, but I've had to start wearing my little pink coat since it's suddenly all cold out there! Also the tree parts are falling off everywhere again.. longtime readers will recall last year when I was just a baby I was a little worried by all that, but now that I'm halfway between one and two years old, I know it's okay and the world isn't ending.. it sure is messy out there though

I got stuck - 10/24/09

It's still too early for trick or treat, but I got tricked this morning.. I got all packed into the car and went to Pet Food Express, which is a fun place usually, and it started out as good as always with nice persons and other doggies in the store to say hi to.. but instead of picking up some foods or toys or treatses for me, my person walked me all the way to the back of the store where I had to wait while she wrote down things on a paper

Then, before I knew what was happening, one of the nice persons poked me with a sharp thing - TWICE! I was brave and I didn't cry or woof, but it sure wasn't the treat I was expecting when I first walked in there

This is different - 10/23/09

lawn skeletonI've heard of flowers and trees on lawns, and even pink flamingos, but this was a first.. I saw this guy on walkies when I went down a new street today - it looks like he needs help!

I see lots of weird things on walkies these days: big orange foods and scary fake persons on porches, and orange twinkly lights on houses.. I'm not sure what it's about, but it might have something to do with the broken tree pieces all over the ground.. I'll keep investigating and let you know what I find out

And home again - 10/19/09

It's been quite an adventure being Balloon Dog for 24 hours, but my little silver mushroom has landed safely and I'm back to my (relatively) boring life.. I'm sorry to say I wasn't greeted by tv and newspaper persons when I landed but on the bright side, nobody bashed my balloon to bits and nobody was calling for my person's head on a platter either

I did make some new anipals on my travels and it was nice to see where everybuddy lives, at least from a Santa Claus type viewpoint.. I am still hoping for a Balloon Dog reality show on Animal Planet, and will be appearing on as many news & talk shows as I can - assuming they call me of course.. I'm eating lots of extra treats to prepare for that so I can barf at the appropriate time.. thanks for all your support, everybuddy! I had the Big Fun

Up, up and away - 10/18/09

my beautiful balloonJust over a year ago I learned to fly: I flew here to where I live now, and it was a harrowing experience, however I'm just now realizing my flight didn't generate the press coverage it should have.. I believe my mistake was that I flew in an airplane, which is quite a miraculous event really, but apparently it's just not that big a deal to news persons

Well I am correcting that error now: I am setting out for a cross-country trip in this silver mushroom, and I have every expectation that you will all see me on the television nonstop for a few days because it's not every day a little papillon doggie takes a balloon flight

I will gladly accept questions about this stunt momentous event: members of the press may drop their questions in my litterbox.. meanwhile, bon voyage to me! <fart>

The rainy came back - 10/13/09

storm cloudsSome of you get the rainy all summer but not me: I haven't sniffed it for months & months and that's fine with me: I don't like it falling on my head or getting my feetses wet

Well, my person heard the rainy was coming back, so last night I had a superlong walkies before it did, but you can see that it was getting ready.. sure enough, this morning it was all wet out there

I don't really mind since I have my litterbox and I don't have to go out in it, and in fact it makes some nice noises and smells that come through the cracked back door.. but the windy came back too and it keeps breaking off tree pieces that go WHUMP on the roof and wall, waking me up from my nap, and then I have to woof

My vacation (from hell) - 10/10/09

me and BJI know that some of you go traveling all the time and love it - now I know that I do not.. me and my person went away for a few days to go visiting and it was AWFUL

We went to see a good friend/kind of relation of my person's who I like a LOT, and who has this gigantic doggie named BJ that I had met before - as you can see, his head is almost as big as my whole self.. but did we go to his nice little house with the big huge comfy lawn & pretty flowers? We did not

We got in the car and drove & drove forever, and naturally I couldn't go to sleep in case we got someplace, which we finally did.. not only was BJ there but also his father Bear who is equally gigantic and not quite as nice as BJ, and also two little pugs.. they were more my size but one was very old and kind of weird, and one was busy busy busy and wouldn't leave me alone! Even though BJ is friendly, it was all too overwhelming for me.. you can see here how I'm looking for a safe getaway spot

We all went for walkies and I stepped on some stickeries that hurt my feetses, and I got more stickeries in my hairs - it was all terrible and I did not pee or poop.. then once we got back to safety, all these gigantic birdies came: they were kind of like the pee-cocks who live near me except they weren't pretty.. they were called TURKEYS but they sure didn't look or smell like any turkeys I've ever tasted.. as soon as they left, a whole bunch of big things called DEERS came and they were pretty scary too.. then it got really really dark, and really really quiet, and I was so upset by everything, I didn't eat my suppers

turkeys     deers

I didn't poop or pee before bed since everywhere smelled like TURKEYS and DEERS, but I finally drank a little waters once I was safe inside a room with my person.. LUCKILY I got to sleep in a nice cloud of a bed, but I woke up a lot from hunger and funny noises

The next day I didn't eat my brekkies and I didn't want to poop or pee again, and then we went back in the car.. we saw yet another gigantic doggie on the road and this one had a giant bunny rabbit hanging from his mouth! And it was all dead & bloody! Another car came along so we stopped to let him go by (it was a teeny tiny little road), and then this gigantic bunny-lunching doggie came after us! Our little car got us out of there just in time! I don't remember much more about that day except going into a little crowded shop - I remember that because my person was afraid I'd have a pee explosion and carried me like a baby.. and then back to that house with gigantic BJ and Bear, the weird pug, the busy annoying pug, and the TURKEYS and DEERS came back, and I didn't eat my suppers

I was getting pretty hungry so I decided to take a cookie or two my person gave me, but they are tiny and the next morning I decided to eat a little brekkies and then finally it was time to leave.. I thought I was going to get to go home sweet home, but first we made a stop at a dog park, of all places - huh?

Belle and meWell, it turned out to be my very first tweet-up and a family reunion all in one: that's right, I met my 100% sister Belle! I've talked here before about how we are two years apart but had the same mom & dad, and how we discovered each other on Twitter.. it was pretty neat to sniff her and her person too, but I'll be honest: while Belle & me look a lot alike (though I'm a little bigger and she has some more ear & tail fringes than me) we didn't really sniff any special family resemblance in each other.. all the persons had other stuff to do, and I was faint from hunger and exhausted from missing three days of naps, so we didn't stay too long but it was really cool to meet her

Finally I got to go home where everything was just like it's supposed to be, so I ate my suppers and napped until bedtime.. I know this is a very long blog today, but I did a lot and learned a lot on my little vacation: the main thing I learned is that I don't much like going on vacation

I'm a guest blogger! - 10/6/09

SadieThis is my good buddy Sadie Shih Tzu, the social media puppy who lives in Canada.. she is great fun, always getting new hairstyles and inspiring the rest of us in new ways of destruction

Imagine my surprise when Sadie asked me - ME! - to celebrate her reaching 1,000 Twitter followers by being a guest blogger on her fantastic doggie blog! I feel really honored since Sadie's a good anipal and a very special pup

I was a little late, but I finally sent her my article called 10 Tips for Anipals on Twitter and she posted it! I hope it's helpful or at least fun for other anipals, and I'd like to thank Sadie very much for the opportunity to appear on her woofsite!

My life is great - 10/3/09

Now that summer's over, my horrible time of being neglected is over too and my life is back to being wonderful.. I don't do as much as some doggies, especially those who work for persons or do shows or agilities, but that's okay with me since I really like laying around.. I like running too, so I do that a few times a day, and most evenings I get to go on long walkies to sniff the neighborhood

Sometimes my little friend BooKittyKat is here: she goes by Ms Fubi these days, and she's lots of fun to play with.. we chase and wrestle a lot, but my person says we play too rough sometimes so then we get separated

My person is here with me most of the time, and sometimes I get to go places.. I'm not left alones too much, and that's just fine with me.. yes, it's a wonderful life and I'm a happy pooch

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