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What's a ROUS? - 5/30/09

CaplinThis is my anipal Caplin and he's a ROUS, which stands for Rodent of Unusual Size.. Caplin is a pet capybara who weighs 100 pounds (hence the "unusual size" part).. he's really cute and friendly, he goes for walkies on a harness & leash just like mine, he loves to swim, and he loves to eat yogurt and popsicles

Capybaras are usually from South America, but Caplin lives in Texas.. he was recently featured on an Animal Planet show about unusual pets - and when I say featured, he led off the show! He was a really good TV star, and it was fun seeing somebody I know on the TV box.. you can watch the segment here

Caplin is a busy capybara with a neat website (which I've added to my sidebar clicks), his own YouTube channel, and he's fun & friendly on Twitter so click on over and say hi

No new clothes - 5/29/09

Last night I went to my very favorite place PETCO to get some new foods, since I ate all the other foods I had.. I got that ok, and I also got some cookies.. they look just like person-type chocolate chip cookies, and they are yummy! It's about time I get to eat some chocolate chip cookies, even if they aren't real chocolate (which is not good for doggies)

While I was there, I had to try on a little baseball cap - it had nice big slots for my gigantic ears to stick out, but I still didn't like it much.. I also tried on a yellow rain slicker which was kind of cute, and a little pink sundress that had a little pink petticoat inside it - it was extremely cute

Even though the little pink sundress screamed I AM A GIRL! (which would be handy, since persons often think I'm a boy), I'm relieved to say I didn't come home with any new clothes

Backyard report - 5/28/09

My backyard isn't very big, but it's a big part of my world: I spent most of every day watching it

I'm pleased to report that the three baby blue jays are growing and thriving.. they used to come around several times a day to eat the bread bits my person puts out there for them, but since the squirrels told a little gray rat about the free lunches, my person has tapered off on the food.. the little birds still come to the birdbath for their waters though, and it's really fun when they start splashing around

Also the garden is doing well: I have lots of pretty little flowers out there to see & sniff.. the tomatoes are coming along (bleah), but more importantly, the pee plants are starting to take off! I can't wait til I have fresh pees and peepods - I love them

First impressions - 5/22/09

I've been neglecting my blog because I haven't been able to use the computer box much lately - sorry! I've got a bit of news though: I went on a car trip the other day to visit some of my person's friends.. they were really nice, and so was their GIGANTIC chocolate lab named BJ - he's as big as a pony, but as friendly and gentle as can be

It was a warm day and I've never been able to lay around in grass without my leash (and I'm just a little shy around new persons), so I spent most of the time just laying in their lawn and I loved it! It was really relaxing and a nice way to spend the day

Well, a couple days later I found out that these persons really liked me - in fact, they liked me so much that now they want a papillon too! They've been looking around for one but since we're not very common, they haven't found one yet.. it's pretty neat to know I made such a good first impression though, and I hope they do find one so I can have a little playmate my own size the next time I visit them

Babies - 5/16/09

baby blue jaysI've mentioned my backyard blue jays before, and that the new babies have hatched.. well I'm pleased to say they're now big enough to come visit my yard from their nest tree

It doesn't look like it, but there are actually two of them sitting here at their birdbath - in all, Mr & Mrs Jay have four three babies this year, and they stay with their parents for quite awhile even after they've learned to fly

The babies are almost as big as the parents already and they look pretty much the same, although a little grayer, but they sure act different! They go SQEEEE SQEEEEEE SQEEEEEE when they're being fed, and they flap their little wings a lot while they SQEEEEEE (without going anywhere).. me and BooKittyKat have the Big Fun all day long watching them through our screen door.. we have hummingbirds out there too, which BooKittyKat likes watching, but they're too little to hold my attention for long

Hotel For Dogs - 5/9/09

Hotel For DogsMy person hasn't let me on the computer machine for awhile, but I made it back, and I wanted to tell about Hotel For Dogs which I watched recently

THIS IS WHAT DOGGIE MOVIES SHOULD BE! Sure, it has a dopey story about an orphan brother & sister who need a home, but more importantly, it has a whole lot of dogs, and they are the real stars

The lead dog is a Jack Russell type named Friday, and supporting dogs include a Boston terrier, a mastiff, a border collie, a bulldog, a Chinese crested with a crush on a poodle, and lots & lots of other dog brands in crowd scenes.. it has the best chase scene I've seen in any movie ever, and there's even a couple papillons in the final scenes (don't be fooled by the pap on the cover: it does not have a starring role)

Friday   chase

The persons aren't bad in the movie - the kids act pretty much like real kids, and Lisa Kudrow & Kevin Dillon are kind of funny as lousy foster parents (I was hoping Ms Kudrow would sing "Smelly Cat" but she sings other bad songs instead), and Don Cheadle is good as the social worker who cares about the kids and the dogs

The very best part is these contraptions the kids make for the dogs: they have feeding machines, exercise machines, fetch machines, a really fun doorbell chase machine, and even a ride in the car machine! They're too cool, and I wish I had some of them myself

supper   walkies

I give Hotel For Dogs two paws up and recommend it for anyone who wants their dog movies to be about dogs and to have lots of them

Bully for bully stix! - 5/2/09

bully stixI'm supposed to be all papillon, but my person thinks there might be a teeny little bit of rottweiler in me since I'm such a world class chewer: I don't get squeakies or ropey toys anymore unless my person's playing them with me, since I destroy them in minutes, and I treat rawhides like they're snacks

So a little while ago my person got me some bully stix to try, and oh my gosh how I love them! They keep me busy for hours & hours, and since they're 100% beef (don't ask what part), they don't make problems for my insides when I swallow some, like rawhides and squeakers and strings can do

I've tried some from the stores, but I've found that Best Bully Sticks really are the best! They don't smell bad like some others (according to my person anyway - personally I like a stinky chewie) and they chew longer than the stores ones too

I love them so much that I'm very pleased to announce you can now get your own Best Bully Sticks right here thru my woofsite! Just click on this picture of me chewing away to order some - they have lots of sizes plus other gross chewie stuff too, like ears and tracheas, if you have more exotic tastes

They have terrific service and send out orders super fast.. there's also a click on my sidebar that will stay there if you want to try them later

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