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Kitty Fight Club - 3/31/09

fight clubMy anipal Misha has something fun going on right now at his blog called Kitty Fight Club.. I know, it sounds like a violent bloodsport, but really it's a more of a cute-off with visitors voting on daily bouts between two kats' baby pictures, and the cuteness is running very high

My bestest anipal Boo Kitty is competing on April 5, so mark your calendars and come out to support her: even though she's a terrorist, you have to admire the way she uses her cute to get away with stuff

Speaking of calendars, not only was that weather-predicting groundhog right a few weeks ago (at least where I live), but the old sayings writer was also correct: March 1 was rainy and cold here and now it's lovely, warm and fragrant.. luckily no lions were spotted when March came in, but I wouldn't be a bit surprised if there were some lambs out there today

On a sad note, today we bid a fond farewell to Top Dog Vienna, a very cute little dachsund who went away to that Rainbow Bridge place today.. he'd been sick so I'm glad he's not sick anymore, but he and his tweets will be missed.. not only did this little fellow pee in front of Steve Jobs' house once, but awhile back he took a Great Journey to a place called Europe, and he reported in almost daily about all the different cities and famous landmarks he peed and pooped at.. rest in peace, little guy

Dog park - 3/30/09

dog parkToday I went to a dog park for the first time, and it was pretty fun! First I walked through an area with big doggies who all came over to say hi - that was kind of overwhelming, but I dealt with it okay and said hi back

Then I went into the little doggie area and my leash came off! That surprised me a little, but I didn't go run-run-run like I thought I would: instead I stayed pretty close to my person, and I sniffed a lot.. I said hi to lots of little doggies and some of them were okay I guess, but seriously, the sniffage in that place was unbelievable! I had the Big Fun smelling everyone and everywhere

It was a nice warm day and I got thirsty.. the dog park had a water fountain but I didn't really understand it, and there was lots of distracting dog activity around it.. afterwards we went to a cemetery nearby and walked around a little - I didn't understand that place at all but it had a hose with nice cool water and I liked that a lot

Sun day, at last - 3/29/09

Finally, the sun is shining on Sunday, as advertised

So far I've spent my time divided between lying in the sunshine and sniffing at the back door, woofing at sounds coming in the front door, and chasing my little friend Boo Kitty.. I have big plans for more of the same later, plus a nice long walkies at some point

Sniffety sniff - 3/27/09

sniffing the outsideI just love what's going on lately: it's all sunshiney and warm, and there are screens instead of doors at my house

The front door is pretty busy sometimes and I woof a lot at things I smell & hear out there but can't see.. my person keeps telling me to "hush" unless someone's actually coming to my house - more stoopid rules I don't understand

But my favorite thing lately is surveying my backyard kingdom.. mostly just squirrels and birdies come to visit, and little fluttery bugs, but all kinds of smells come wafting in.. I could lay here all day

This and that - 3/26/09

stacking papI didn't write a blog yesterday because I forgot to.. also I was left alones for awhile, and sulking about it - I was very good though, and I got over it as soon as my person got back home

I found this video of a pretty papillon stacking stacky thingies, in the right order - they don't call us the 8th smartest dog brand for nothing

Today I got a little kling-on poopy problem on walkies, so I got thrown into a bath soon as I got home.. it wasn't bad though, and actually felt pretty nice as it's a warm day, and wilding around the house afterwards to dry off felt even better.. my little buddy Boo Kitty is here visiting and was curious about the bathtub activity, but she didn't want to get in

Flying water room - 3/24/09

Something else that confuses me is the flying water room - that little room that's like a closet but without clothes or chewable shoes, and waters fly around in it sometimes.. you probably have one in your house too

First of all, I don't understand why persons make such a big deal about the rainy but then they go into the flying water room on purpose.. also I'm always a bit worried my person won't come back out of it, so I always sit & stare while the water's flying, and wait

Backyard rules - 3/23/09

Mine are confusing: I'm supposed to bark & chase away squirrels, but I'm not supposed to bark & chase away birds - I don't understand the difference

My person puts out food for the birds that the squirrels try to eat (so do I).. I'm told the big blue jays raise their babies here and that the other little birdies are cute, while the squirrels have fleas and dig things up (they also tease & taunt me).. I guess that all makes sense, but I still get confused and want to chase anyone who comes into my yard

Apple dog - 3/22/09

crisp apple freshening sprayWhen I was at Petco the other day, I got this green bottle of between-bath "freshening spray" for free because of something else my person bought.. I guess persons don't like us doggies to smell like dogs, and us doggies don't like to have baths as often as persons do

It came in a bunch of weird flavors like berries, coconut-pineapple, baby powder, and this one I got which is called crisp apple

I can tell you I wasn't thrilled about smelling like a fruit basket, but you know what? Turns out it's really kind of nice! It's not too strong or fruity at all, my between-baths doggie smell is gone, and my hairs feel as soft & silky as they do right after a bath.. if you want to try some, you can also get it from Amazon

A gift for you - 3/21/09

me in my bowI look like a present anyway in this stoopid bow my person picked up off the ground and tied onto my harness.. I had to wear it for my whole walkies! And if that's not bad enough, there's a new pic of me with it on my woofsite's homepage! Well I guess it is kind of cute, and it's a nice pic of me for my home click, and much more grown up than the last one

After walkies-in-ribbons, I went for a ride in the car and it lost its top! That was weird, but also pretty neat to be able to sniff everything while riding, and feel the warm sun and the wind blowing my hairs around

Then we were at Petco, my favorite place, where I got a mani-pedi so I can't do my tap-tap-tappy dancing again for awhile, and I met two other papillons there! They were both a little smaller than me (properly so) and very cute.. I also met a brand new poodle/bichon puppy who was tiny and sounding sleep in his person's arms - they had just adopted him and they needed everything before they took him home: they were picking out toys, treats, collar, bed, food and bowls.. it looked like he was going to a great home

In sad news, as the Iditarod winds down and the slower teams are finishing the race, I'm sorry to report that two more dogs have died.. that's not sport - it's just wrong

Spring! - 3/20/09

I just want to wish everyone a very happy first day of spring - except my anipals in places like Australia and New Zealand of course, who are having the first day of fall - but here where I am, spring has sprung, and I must say it's a wonderful invention! I wasn't born until the end of April last year, so I haven't really experienced this before

I am loving that my sunshiney spot stays a bit longer and feels a bit warmer than it did before, there's loads of new sniffage out there, and there are lots more doggies to meet on walkies now! And yesterday I saw the pee-cocks who live near me, and one of them had his tail all puffed up and beautiful - it reached six feet high! Unfortunately my stoopie person only had the ringaling camera again, and wasn't able to catch a pic before he drooped his tail down again.. one of these days we'll catch a good shot and post it

Blak kittykatz - 3/19/09

BooAs if there aren't enough celebrities, news outlets, and just plain weird stuff showing up on Twitter every day, my semi-literate little buddy Boo Kitty has convinced my person to add a special page just for black cats on

Personally, I think it's a bit racist or specist or something, but that's how those kats roll.. here's the new page

We have a winner - 3/18/09

Lance Mackey & teamIt's nice and warm here but still snowy in Alaska, where Lance Mackey and his dogs won the Iditarod race for the third year in a row.. his lead dog's name is Larry

Lance, Larry and friends raced for ten days and covered 1,000 miles of ice and snow with lots of bitter cold wind - many teams gave up, and some are still making their way to the finish line.. Lance will get $69,000 and a new truck - I don't understand dollars, but that doesn't seem like much for all that work

I'm sad about the three dogs who died on the trail this year, especially the two who were on the same team, and I hope the persons in charge come up with a better way to test or monitor rookie mushers so that doesn't happen again

Iditarod XXXVII - 3/17/09

ZumaDo you know about the Iditarod? It's a 1,000+ mile dogsled race across Alaska, and it's going on now

This is Zuma, who's the Official Canine Reporter for the Iditarod.. she writes about the race and helps school teachers & children persons learn all about it on the Iditarod woofsite, which has all kinds of neat stuff on it

I bet you didn't know there's also a Jamaican dogsled team! It's a really cool project to help both mutts and people in that country, and there was a good dogumentary movie about it called Sun Dogs - iTrixie says check it out

I guess I shouldn't complain much about my three mile walkies the other day, huh? Big ups and good luck to all the doggies racing in the Iditarod right now, and happy Saint Pawtrick's Day to everyone!

Update: Sadly, three dogs have now died in the race - two of them from the same novice musher's team

Comments - 3/16/09

I have a comments page here on my woofsite but maybe it's a little buried, so I was going to try an experiment to let you guys leave comments for individual blog entries, but that turned out to be work

What do you guys think - would you like to be able to leave comments on individual blog entries, or should I just keep my doggie blog like it is? There aren't a whole lot of you coming here to read my blog, but I'm grateful for those who do and would like to make it better for you if I can

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