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My incredible journey - 3/15/09

CarsYesterday I went on a huge long walkies for about 100 miles, or maybe 3

I went on new roads I'd never been to before including this place way high, up above where the cars go (I didn't like that much).. along the way I saw a flying plastic bag, a smashed squirrel, and half a pancake that I didn't get to eat.. I met a giant brown doggie called a Great Dane and made lots of other doggies woof from behind their fences

A few times I had to go off-road and I got a few stickeries in my pantses and other floofy bits.. I also saw a new kind of gigantic birdies - they were as big as pee-cocks but looked kind of like quails - and I said hello to some horsies who were having lunch
quails maybe   horsies

When I finally got back home again, I pooped out and fell asleep for a long, long time

Beverly Hills Chihuahua - 3/14/09

Beverly Hills ChihuahuaLast night I watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua and it was pretty fun.. I don't usually watch more than the start of most movies, but I stayed awake for most of this one

I like a movie with lots of doggies and this one has plenty: it's about a pampered pup named Chloe who gets lost in Mexico, and a big German shepherd named Delgado who helps her.. they have all kinds of adventures that involve Chloe's chihuahua friend Papi, a comical rat & iguana duo, the king of chihuahuas (who helps Chloe find her bark), and a big mean Doberman named Diablo

There's also a dog fight arena (but we don't see any graphic violence), a whole lot of mutts and chihuahua crowd scenes, and the usual assortment of persons and good versus evil themes that those Disney persons like to throw in everything

I think my friend Eloise the Pug does the pampered glamour-dog-thrust-into-normalcy stuff just as well as Chloe (and without Drew Barrymore's squeaky voice), and Loki the Cat can talk every bit as good as the doggies in the movie.. for that matter, my chi-wow-wow buddy El Guapito is on an adventure right now that looks way more fun (and a lot more relaxing) than what they did in the movie

But Beverly Hills Chihuahua is a good time as doggie movies go.. Chloe wears some fancy fashions and many of the stray doggies in the movie find homes, which was a nice touch.. I'm looking forward to seeing Hotel For Dogs too and will write about it when I do

Ashes - 3/13/09

AshesThis is Ashes, who was the kitty of a good friend of mine who goes by Attwx.. little Ashes went away today to somewhere called Rainbow Bridge

I never met Ashes myself, but she was a good anipal just the same - we even sent each other Christmas presents.. I know she was a good kat and she had a good long life, and she will be missed.. I'm glad her person still has a pretty calico named Patches to keep her company

I don't know why anipals have to go away sometimes

I'm bionic - 3/12/09

I'm not sure what that means, but that's what Pet MD said about us papillons in their Top Ten Smartest Dogs list: "This deceptively cute, butterfly-eared dog is smarter, tougher, and stronger than it appears (it's like the bionic dog)."

If you have a dopey computer like mine and can't open that site, try this one instead.. (no, actually it's not my computer that's dumb: it's Pet MD for only letting brand new computers see their site, but never mind that now)

Us paps came in at #8 on the list of top doggie smarts - not bad! You can find out more about us on my All about papillons page

Cowlick - 3/10/09

I have a little tiny cowlick in the little short hairs on my snout.. it doesn't bother me or detract from my good looks, but I wonder how it got there? I don't remember ever getting licked by a little tiny cow

Honest Scrap Award - 3/9/09

Honest ScrapMy good friend Loki the Talking Cat gave me this award which is pretty cool, even if it came with rules:

"When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to said person so everyone knows he or she is real. Choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you donít have seven (7) friends. Show the seven (7) random victims' names and links and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with 'Honest Weblog'. Well, there's no prize, really, but they can keep the nifty icon. Next, in your blog, list at least ten (10) honest things about yourself. Then, pass it on!"

Well, it was hard to choose only seven.. naturally Loki's Orange Cat Blues would be on my list, along with the others on my sidebar clicks like Johann the Dog or Daisy the Curly Cat, but those clicks are already here on my woofsite and anyway, Loki used Daisy.. so I'm going to pick these:

  1. Sadie Shi Tzu (@sadieshihtzu) - iSadie's on my sidebar too, but she's just launched a new dot-com woofsite with lots of fun stuff.. she's the most honest puppy I know
  2. Pilchard Cat (@pilchardcat) - The best Twitpic in town - who needs a blog?
  3. Mozart Dane, Artist (@mozartdane) - A Great Dane who not only paints, but also helps other Danes and doggies of all kinds
  4. The Dexter Files (@dexterthedog) - Dexter Dachsund is working on WORLD DOMINATION with the help (or hindrance) of roomie @tipperthedog
  5. Romeo the Cat (@Romeothecat) - A fluffy kat whose person donates 5 cents to animal rescues for every new Twitter follower! Romeo's blog also features Pugsley the Bichon
  6. Huzzah Socks Army (@pennycat) - You all know @sockington with his gazillions of followers, but you might not know he has a blog too, or that it's run by his (much) smarter roomie Penny Cat - she's a doctor
  7. Jackass Letters (@jackassletters) - Pass this one on to your persons, although anipals will enjoy his correspondence with Avery's Beverages
Now ten honest things about me:
  1. My whole real name is Trixie Nee Tinka STP
  2. When I'm extra happy, I prance like a pony and sneeze
  3. I get a lot of eye googies and I HATE having them wiped off
  4. At various times, I've been afraid of a paper bag, mailboxes, my toys, and my own supper bowl - I know! I'm not proud of this
  5. I don't bury my stuff in my litterbox like a kat, but I demand it's all taken away, right away, or I'm likely go on the floor near the box next time
  6. I like green beans and pees (especially in pee-pods) but I HATE lettuce
  7. I do not like having my feetses touched
  8. Now that my tail plumes are coming in, I like to chew on them
  9. I eat my kibble from only one side of the bowl, leaving it exactly half empty, but also half full for when I want a little snack later
  10. I can't get enough of sniffing @BooKittyKat's butt! P.S. I'm sorry about her spelling.. I tried to work with her but she kept chewing the corners of the flash cards

Top o' the morning - 3/8/09

leprechaunI'm not missing my missing hour this morning because I've got my pretty new hat for St. Pawtrick's season! Also I'm watching the final groups in Crufts 2009, and waiting for Best in Show - go Ricky! A pretty boxer named Max just won the Working Group and that made me happy - one of those named Pablo lived here once, and I found one of his tennis balls

Charmin   Charmin
Ricky Papillon did a great job, but the top honors went to Am/Can/Su Efbe's Hidalgo at Goodspice ("Charmin"), a very fancy looking Sealyham terrier.. second place went to standard poodle Ch/Am Ch Afterglow the Big Tease ("Donny"), who had an unfair costume advantage as poodles always do - Donny also has an especially nice two-tone look which might have helped.. come to think of it, both winning doggies have the same color scheme! I guess 2009 is the year of white & gray: notify your stylist

You can see lots of highlights from the big Crufts show at their Youtube channel

Agilities - 3/7/09

Last night I watched some of the big Crufts doggie show: it was past my bedtime, but I got to stay up late for it, and I got to see some of the agility competitions.. (as noted below, it's free online at those doggies were having so much fun! Up the ladders, over the teeter-totters, in & out the weavy sticks, through the chutes, and all of them smiling all the way

Some of my anipals like Johann the Dog and others on my sidebar do agilities, and a few have asked me if I'd like to try it - papillons are usually pretty good at it since we're both fast and smart - but I'm a little lazy and don't want to get up early to go here and go there, and practice practice practice all the time

Instead, I do my own personal agility course: I run around the table, then run over there and run around that table, then run down the hall, then run to the bed, jump on, jump off, then back to start.. I do this about five times at 25 miles per hour, and then I lay down

Hey Ricky, you're so fine - 3/6/09

RickyThis is Queen Bless JP Royal Connection or "Ricky" for short who just won the Toy Division at Crufts 2009! That's a pretty huge accomplishment for a little papillon, so super big ups to Ricky!

I'm not sure how these fancy names work, but it sounds like Ricky must be related to AmCh Queen Bless JP Special Legend ("Patch") who won the papillon brand last year at Crufts - you can see him on my all about papillons page

The big British doggie show is underway now and streaming live on the interwebs this weekend for free at - there are lots & lots of activities and groups to come.. you can see the schedule at that webpage, but be sure to subtract some hours for viewing in the USA (-8 for Westies, -5 for Easties).. Best in Show will be on Sunday - be sure to tune in and cheer on Ricky!

Poop - 3/5/09

No, I don't mean poop in a walkies/litterbox kind of way - I mean poop as in I'm bored today! My person's been doing too much of that work thingy again and that leaves me with no more driving, and nothing to do but chewies and sleepies

I know that nobody wants to read any blog that's just about being bored, so I'll also add that Boo Kitty has gotten completely out of hand on her Twitter! I wish I'd never helped her set it up.. she's harassing celebrities, begging to appear on various tv shows & news programs, and she's decided she's got whatever it takes to star on Broadway & Vegas - it doesn't help that Cirque du Soleil is encouraging her.. I've never actually seen her tap dance but I have to admit she can walk a tightrope pretty good

Driving Miss Trixie - 3/4/09

drivingI'm not crazy about car rides like some doggies, but they're not bad - it all depends where we end up

If it's someplace like Petco or Pet Food Express, I couldn't be happier! But when it's one of those mystery places that I'm not allowed into, I get upset, sad, lonely, bored, and HEY! DID YOU FORGET ABOUT ME HERE ALL ALONE AND ABANDONED??!!!

So I've decided to learn how to work the car so I can get myself to Petco when I've been left alone.. or better yet, back home for a nap

I'm a dog - 3/2/09

It has dawned on me that much of my interwebs notoriety has come from kats: my anipal Loki the Talking Cat at Orange Cat Blues gave me a Sharing the Love award when my woofsite was first new (you can see it on the side of my all about me page), and then I won the doggie division of Misha & Cosmo's Toehawk Challenge for kats, and then last week I was featured on Cats Who Twitter - yep, kats again

I like all all my anipals of different species (even kats), but I just want to remind everyone that even though I use a litterbox and wash my face by licking my paw, I am not a kat

No lions, please - 3/1/09

Well anipals, it's yet another Sunday full of no sun and lots of rainy - I think they should officially call it Nosunday because that would be more accurate.. it's also a new month (which is another concept I don't quite understand) but I do understand it means getting goop on my neck so I don't get the bitey bugs.. it also means I get my special tasty heartworm cookie, so that's okay

I don't really understand moneys either, but I keep hearing that bitey bug goop and other anipal drugs are "expensive" so tell your persons they can click my friends at and/or PetCareRx to get that stuff for less dollars

Something else that's on my mind: this month is supposed to come in like a lion and I'm more than a little concerned about that.. usually I like anipals of all kinds, but I certainly don't want any lions marching in here

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