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Happy fall! Happy anvanursery to me! - 9/22/09

leavesMy person said today is eek-wa-knocks and reminded me it's been one whole year since I got my own airbill, learned to fly, and came here to my forever home.. I would say something corny like "My how time flies" only that's not true: it's been one terrific day after another and I've made the most of each one

If you've looked around my woofsite (and why wouldn't you?) you've seen this picture already: it's from last fall when I was only six months old: both of my ears were finally standy-uppy, my fluffy coat was fluffing in, and my tail hairs were starting to unfurl and get longer.. I'm pleased to say those same tail hairs are now superlong and plume-y now, and the rest of me is looking good too

I was so worried when this picture was taken because all the trees were breaking everywhere.. I didn't understand it at all, and eventually there were broken tree parts piled up bigger than me! Then I forgot all about it and the trees got all fixed again

Bark like a pie rat - 9/19/09

pie ratAhoy ye scurvy dogs & scalliwaggers! and kats and birds and scurvy anipals of all types.. today be Bark Like a Pie Rat Day and me timbers are shiverin' with excitement

I am not even sure what a pie rat is but it sounds tasty, especially with a drop o' rum, so I be on deck and hope somebody be a'swabbin' it after me.. so everybuddy patch yer eyeball, hoist the Jolly Roger, pillage some squeakies, and bark like a pie rat today or it'll be walkies on the plank for ye! ARRR(f)

I'm a movie star - 8/19/09

SockelgangerEveryone's favorite twittering feline Sockington made a very cool movie to celebrate reaching 1 million followers, and to introduce his new little buddy and/or offspring Sockelganger

It's the best movie ever - you can see it here.. it has a great plot, a moving soundtrack, and lots of familiar faces, but the best part in my humble opinion comes at the three minute mark or so, when who should appear but ME! wearing my Sockington shirt of course

I can tell you I'm feeling pretty special since I think I'm the only doggie in the whole movie - thanks Socks! and Penny and the new kid and Fatty and Food Lady

My owie - 8/3/09

I got an owie the other day.. my person actually stopped neglecting me for a few minutes to toss my tennis ball, and as I launched off the sofa to run after it for the 20th time, I stumbled and something in my back leg said owie, and I squeaked.. I couldn't walk on it so good so my person held me for about 10 minutes (that was wonderful) and then I was pretty much better, until the next day when I got up from my nap and it was hurty again

Since papillons can have knee problems sometimes, we went to the vet person right away.. naturally I wouldn't limp for the vet doctor, but he poked & prodded me and said he couldn't be sure if I'd popped my kneecap out & back in, or just got a little sprain.. he said if it kept hurting I should come back to have a special picture taken

I got a little medicine with my supper for a couple days and I had my tennis ball taken away (boo!) but it's all better now, and I got my tennis ball back (yay!).. I'm still being neglected though, and awaiting rescue

HALP! - 7/22/09

I'm being TOTALLY neglected since my person started following the Big Brother 11 live feeds for Hamsterwatch again! I don't even know what it's about except it means I don't get enough walkies lately - boo!

I'm tempted to make a report to the Humane Society persons, or maybe even PETA (except they maybe blacklisted me since I ate that spider).. although I guess to be fair, I am still getting brekkies & suppers, lots of pettings, some tennis ball tossing in the house & the backyard, and as many yummy Best Bully Stix as I can chew

In turn, I've had to neglect my twitters lately since I can't get on the twitterbox much, so my stoopid person sends apologies for that and promises I'll be back

Ode to Sockington - 7/8/09

Private PapillonI got my Sockington shirt today! It's a little big for me but it's pretty cool - you can get one from Sockington's website.. props to PennyCat for keeping that all nice & tidy

Why do I love Sockington? Because he's funny and he's got his priorities in order.. I'm known as Private Papillon in Socks Army, where I've been a proud member since he had only a few thousand followers.. his tweets are almost the only ones that come to my person's ringaling so I get to read them even if I'm not on the twitterbox

Sockington is an inspiration to all of us anipals because he doesn't follow any of the rules those dopey social media marketer persons say to do: he doesn't tweet often, or interact, or follow many back, or link & ReTweet a lot, and yet he keeps growing in popularity.. why? Because he tweets about what's important: things like food, toys, poop, housemates, and shedded hairs

And you know what? He's got more than 800,000 followers on Twitter now.. take that, SMM rule-making persons!

Best sniffage ever - 7/4/09

confettisI went on a long walkies today and there was new sniffage everywhere! I guess the persons had a parade or something, whatever that is, but they left behind a ZILLION new smells all over my neighborhood

They also left little colored papers like this on the ground, and wrappers and cups, which of course make for excellent sniffing, and I met about 17 new doggies who were all having as much fun sniffing as I was.. it was the best walkies I've ever had, even though it was kind of hot

I probably won't be updating my blog much for the next couple of months because my person is about to get all involved with keeping up and the Big Brother 11 live feeds.. I'm not sure what that means, but I'm afraid I might end up being neglected and that worries me a little.. wish me luck

My princess throne - 6/26/09

my throneAwhile back this red blanket came out of the bed and ended up on top of the bed.. supposedly that's because it's not cold at night anymore, but really it's so I could have a princess throne

I sleep on another part of the bed, but I always spend a few minutes on my throne before I go to sleep.. it's really the perfect throne since it's just the right size for me to perch on, and be just a little up high.. ideal for the princess I am

Troubles - 6/24/09

Yep I got in troubles last night: it was a really hot day so all the doors were open when it got nice last night, and that fan was sitting by the front door, moving back & forth, so naturally I woofed at it

Well, the door ding-dong'd (which made me woof some more), and a man from across the street asked my person to keep the door closed at night because I was woofing too much.. neither me nor my person thought anyone could hear anything from my house, but this man said yes, my woofs travel straight across the street and into his bedroom - oops

He was pretty nice about it and so was my person, but my person was a little embarrassed and apologized to him, and said okay, we'll keep the door closed at night

I don't think I woof that much - it's not my fault the fan moves back & forth, or that persons move their garbage cans out, or that the night needs someone to woof at it sometimes

Take Me Out to the Dog Park - 6/22/09

This is my new song, designed to be sung repeatedly until I get a trip to the dog park

(to the tune of Take Me Out to the Ball Game)

Take me out to the dog park
Take me out to the grass
Find me some frisbees & tennis balls
I don't care if I loo-oo-se them all
And it's sniff sniff sniff making new friends
If they won't play it's a shame
'Cause it's 1 - 2 - 3 happy barks
At the old dog park

Do You Really Want to Pet Me? - 6/15/09

80sSome of the anipals on Twitter had another online party this weekend - this time it was an 80s theme.. I like to drop in to these parties but I usually don't stay long, since there's usually a lot of booze.. being a dog, I mostly just drink waters or the occasional leftover cereal milk.. there's usually a lot of music too, and I don't really understand music

I do like getting my picture dressed up though.. I was lucky enough to go to the dog park last night for a little while, but I didn't wear my 80s costume there

Surprise family reunion - 6/13/09

BelleYou are probably thinking this is a picture of me but it's not: it's my anipal Belle.. we've been friends for a little while on Twitter and often share papillon stories with each other

Of course we knew we looked a lot alike, and that we both weigh about 12 pounds, which is a little bigger than most papillons (but a very nice size for a doggie to be)

Well, guess what? We've just discovered that we are SISTERS! We both came from the same place in Oregon, and we had the same mommy and daddy! I just turned one years old and Belle is three, but we are sisters just the same

It's so exciting to discover my anipal Belle is also my sister - I can hardly believe it! And we didn't even need Maury Povich to help us find each other

Bully stix sale! - 6/11/09

bully stixOkay, technically not a sale, but Best Bully Sticks is offering FREE SHIPPING on 6" and 12" standard bully stix for orders placed before the close of business Friday, June 12!

That might not sound like a big deal, but shipping can cost as much as the stix sometimes.. I'm not even sure what shipping means, but I think it has something to do with the ding-dong when new bully stix arrive

Anyway it's great news and my person ordered some yesterday for me and my big-as-a-pony Lab buddy BJ (sshhh, don't tell: it's a surprise) - and they've already been shipped! Best Bully Sticks has the best service, their prices are a whole lot less than at pet stores, and you can see from this pic how GREAT their bully stix are! The free shipping on 6" and 12" standard bully stix is automatic, but if you enter coupon code TWITTER you can save 5% too! So place an order today and stock up.. your doggies will thank you for it

Earthquake - 6/8/09

So I was minding my own business, enjoying a nice mid-afternoon nap, when a big loud WHUMP and a big huge JOLT suddenly woke me up.. I figured somebody or something was trying to storm my house, so I went running and barking to my back door to defend and protect - but nothing was there

It was pretty confusing, and then my person said it was what's called an earthquake.. apparently it wasn't a very big one as earthquakes go - it was a 3.7, if you understand numbers - and nothing fell over or got broken, but it was plenty big enough for me and I did not like it.. all's been quiet since and it hasn't come back, but I'm still a little on edge and very much on HIGH ALERT

Update: It's a good thing I stayed on HIGH ALERT because it did come back! This time I was awake, so I was able to get barking to the back door even faster.. but once again, nothing was there

Update 2: It came back two more times after that, but seems to have finally stopped - I hope it stays gone

Mani-pedi day - 6/7/09

afterAs you can see by my dainty sleek feetses, today I had a full mani-pedi including a nail trim and removal of a ton of extra hairs on my feetses.. (you can see the pic bigger here)

I went to my favorite store Petco to have it done, and the groomer persons there were so nice that I held up each foot for them, one at a time.. this made my person wonder why I'll barely even let my feetses be touched at home - let alone have my nails trimmed - but that's just one of my little iTrixie mysteries that I'll never explain

beforeI kind of miss how every floor became a tappy dance with my long nails, but they'll grow back soon enough to do that again.. on the other hand, I'm really pleased that my feetses no longer look like they belong to a Muppet, which is how my anipal Sir Barley described this recent pic of me typing - and he was right

While I was there, a gigantic rusty-red doggie was on another table getting all trimmed and prettied up, and a gigantic black lab-type of doggie was on the floor waiting to go home.. I guess she waited a little too long because she peed on the floor for about two whole minutes, and had to go back for another rinse-off

It's Ms Victoria! - 6/6/09

Victoria StilwellAwhile ago I wrote about one of my very favorite persons, Ms Victoria Stilwell from "It's Me or the Dog" and how much I love her.. also awhile ago, I asked the nice person(s) who do the tweeting for Animal Planet if Ms Victoria would be coming to Twitter, but they didn't know

Well, I was very pleased to discover that Ms Victoria has now joined Twitter! You can follow her here and as a special treat, you can also see her on tonight's "Groomer Has It"

My person discovered Ms Victoria and "It's Me or the Dog" the weekend before I arrived here at my forever home, when there was a marathon of her shows on Animal Planet.. my person has had doggies before me, but it had been awhile and also she had never trained a puppy, so she really paid attention and learned a lot just in time.. I'm glad Ms Victoria's shows happened to be on that weekend because her techniques are so positive & kind, and I was able to start learning the rules of my new home right away - I think it would have been really hard for me to learn so many words otherwise

So here's a very hearty welcome to Twitter, Ms Victoria, because I heart you so much

CaplinROUS has a book! - 6/6/09

Celeste and the Giant HamsterI am a doodyhead.. the other day when I wrote here about my anipal CaplinROUS the capybara, I neglected to mention the new book inspired by him, mostly because I didn't realize HIS PERSON WROTE IT!

That's right: Celeste and the Giant Hamster was written by Melanie Typaldos, who lives with Caplin.. the giant hamster in the title isn't a hamster at all, but our own buddy Caplin the capybara, and Celeste is a cat.. I'm sorry I neglected this important information when introducing you to Caplin, and I wish them lots of luck with the new book

Incidentally, I told you how ROUS stands for Rodent of Unusual Size, but do you know where that came from? That's what the ferocious beasts in the Fire Swamp in The Princess Bride were called.. lucky for us, Caplin isn't ferocious at all

Teleporting Trixie - 6/4/09

Most of you dogs and cats know how to teleport - you know, when you're in a room with your person and your person goes into another room, and you're in there.. it's really fun because it freaks them out so much

I've been practicing my teleporting lately and I'm really proud of my latest accomplishment: my person realized I wasn't in the room (I rarely venture around the house on my own), so she started looking all around and calling me.. she even looked in the garage, and thought I might have gotten out during the rolling in of the garbage cans! Silly person, I never go near those scary things, especially when they're moving

Well, just as she was about to panic, I came trotting up to her - in the same room she started! Mad teleport skills, if I do say so myself

YIKES Godzilla's after me! - 6/2/09

GodzillaToday I almost got eaten by that famous monster from Japan, Godzilla! I was minding my own business, and Mister Godzilla started twittering about D'HORS OEUVREs and DOGGIE TREATs and ROARing and NOMing at me! It was pretty scary

Since I've got friends from all different species including tigers and bears along with birdies and bunnies, I wasn't sure he was totally serious but I wasn't taking any chances.. I woofed at him, and was about ready to call my Doberman & German shepherd friends and other big scary types for backup, and I told him I'm just a little doggie made of mostly hairs - hardly a good meal for such a big monster as him

Then I had an idea, and from my safe spot in the corner, I rolled out my partially-chewed bully stick from Best Bully Sticks as a peace offering, and what do you know? I think we're friends now! Everybody likes bully stix!

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