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  It's my blog

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Goop - 1/31/09

Even though it's just been going for a week, I will wrap up this first month of my doggie blog with a word or two about goop - you know, that stuff they put on our necks so we don't get bitey bugs

I HATE IT!! I don't like to be settled down when something's going on back there, and it smells kinda funny, and it makes a greasy patch in my long pretty hairs.. that said, I do heart the heartworm cookie I get afterwards - they're so tasty, I wish I could eat more than one

Abnormal - 1/30/09

kibbleThat's what some persons have said about the way I eat my kibbles

I always eat it one side at a time like this - I don't know why, it's just what I do

Then when I feel a bit nibbly later, I go back and eat the other side (if Boo Kitty hasn't gotten to it first, that is)

I don't think it's abnormal at all.. since I do it all the time, it's perfectly normal to me

What's in a name? - 1/29/09

cute puppySometimes anipals or their persons wonder why my Twitter name is Pappup when my name is iTrixie

I already talked on my homepage about how I was called Tinka when I was an extra-adorable little baby puppy, and how my name changed to Trixie when I came to my new home

Well, my person set up my Twitter for me before I got here - in fact, I tweeted about learning to fly way back when I wasn't much bigger than this pic.. but my person wanted to meet me in person before we decided together on my forever name

Since I am a papillon and a puppy, Pappup seemed to fit.. I'd change my Twitter name to iTrixie, but then all the links around the interwebs to my Twitter page wouldn't work anymore, and I think there are about 17 gazillion of them, or maybe three

I don't much care whether persons call me Pappup or Trixie or iTrixie - just don't call me late for supper

Pees and peepods - 1/28/09

Last night my person gave me a couple sugar snap pees, the kind that come in peepods.. naturally I took them apart and ate the peepods (they were tasty), and then I put the pees in my toy basket

My person said that was really weird, and took the pees out of my toy basket and gave them back to me to eat, which I did.. they were tasty too

Terrorist alert - 1/27/09

On the runSome of you know about my little anipal Boo Kitty.. well, I'm here to say she's become a terrorist

She's a miniature kat (she's only about 5 pounds and she's probably done now) but for such a little package, she is a whole lot of trouble

Here she's chasing me, which is fine - we have an equal opportunity chasing agreement and we take turns being chaser & chasee - but when we aren't chasing each other she's hiding behind things to jump out at me, or jumping up to high places where she's not supposed to be to knock things down and laugh at me, or she's using my litterbox when hers is perfectly fine

She's also a bandit: she's got her own kibbles in her own room, but she is always eating my leftover kibbles before I get around to finishing them so my person puts them on the counter, but of course Boofy jumps up there and nom-nom-noms til she's discovered.. today my kibble bowl went into the last Safe Spot in the house: the microwave

Boofy will probably figure out a way to blast open the microwave any minute now to get at my leftover kibbles, and I will end up starving to death

Mercenary doggie - 1/26/09

zzzzzLooking back all the way to two days ago, I'm thinking my blog intro might sound like I'm only doing this for the cash.. obviously that isn't the case, as there isn't any cash

Sure, I've got some ads and stuff around, but who doesn't? I'm not sure what dollars are, but I understand it takes a couple to keep me on the interwebs, and apparently sometimes ads can turn into dollars somehow

Also, I've heard some growls about putting names on pictures.. my person does that to mine because I have such a great name, and because there are bandits out there.. I'd rather have my name on my things than have to put a bitey on somebody stealing from me

But really, most of it's too complicated for me, so I don't get involved in all that.. I'm just here to take naps and be cute

Spooky - 1/25/09

When I go visiting other persons' houses, I am usually calm, quiet and extremely well-behaved.. it's like I'm taken over by the spirit of some perfect (perhaps elderly) doggie I never met, and it's kinda spooky

Then when I come home again, it takes me a little while to get back to my usual mischievous self, but I always do

iTrixie takes a bow - 1/25/09

take a bowThis is me doing my new words "bow to the peer pressure of social media and start a blog" or just "take a bow" for short

I learned it a long time ago but I've been camera shy about letting my person get proof.. yesterday I slipped up and held it long enough to get snapped

It was pretty easy to learn since this is part of my usual stretching routine after a nap (and I nap a lot), but sometimes I mix it up with "lay down".. it's so easy to go into a nice, leisurely laydown after doing a first class performance like this

You can see my other words on my vocabulary page.. I'm told pics may show up for more of them here on my blog as we go

I haz a blawg nao - 1/24/09

As my anipals know, I don't usually use LOLspeak but it seemed appropriate for this phrase

Normally I'm a doggie of few woofs and I can usually say all I need to say on my Twitter, but my person has informed me that this woofsite isn't paying for my kibble and I admit, I don't sniff many new anipals or persons around here most of the time

So I'm starting a blog here, since that's what you do these days.. I don't know if more of you will show up now or not, and I don't know how regular the entries will be, but we'll see what happens

Please to enjoy, and stop by my comments page to leave a note or a treat

P.S. If you don't like my blog (or my woofsite for that matter), you don't have to let me know.. I am a devotee of Victoria Stilwell and I only respond to positive reinforcement

current blogs - newer than this - leave or read comments

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