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Troubles - 2/28/09

trouble cordLast night I decided this power cord would be better in two pieces than one - it turns out I was wrong.. I didn't think it was a big deal but my person did, and said this was the first serious troubles I've ever caused

But all's well again because today we went to visit the olden man who fixed it back into one piece with a "soldiering gun" or something like that.. I always like to visit the olden man anyway, but this time was especially good since I'm not in troubles anymore

It's a good thing since today's my 10 months barkday! I had super-super-long walkies to celebrate, all the way to the pet store to get me some new foods.. I also got some industrial strength chewies that taste like bacons! But now I'm too pooped to chew - I'll try one after my nap zzzzzz

Pee-cocks - 2/27/09

pee-cockThere are eight gigantic blue birdies called pee-cocks who live on the next street, so I see them on walkies sometimes

They are bigger than me so I keep my distance from them, but they don't seem too anxious to be friends with me anyway.. today I only saw two of them, but one was up on his roof showing off his long, luxurious and colorful tail

Sorry, I know it's not a very good picture.. I keep telling my person the ringaling camera isn't as good as the other one, and the pee-cocks are almost always sitting where the sun goes away when we see them.. I'll try to get some better ones, but meanwhile I put a few up on my Twitpic awhile back that you can see here and here

Slip 'n slide - 2/26/09

Not much going on for me lately, except the rainy finally stopped so I've had some nice walkies again, but Boo Kitty's gone back to her other house again and my person's been doing that weird thingy called "work" a lot, so I've been getting kinda bored

Today wasn't so bad as I got a new giant rawhide chewie, and I got caught up on my naps between chewings.. then when my person stopped "work" I was so excited, I did my happy prancy dance too fast, tipped over, and slid all the way across the floor - oops

I won! - 2/24/09

WOOOF I won the Doggie Division of Misha & Cosmo's Toehawk Challenge! I was probably the only doggie who entered, but I won't let that ruin my glory.. you can vote for the best kitty toehawk finalists this week at The World According to Misha - there's some tough and floofy competition

In other news, my person left me for awhile this morning, which doesn't happen often.. Boo Kitty & her person were here but my person wasn't, and that made me sad

After awhile Boo Kitty's person left too - to pick up my person, as it turned out - but I didn't know that.. when Boo Kitty's person came back I looked down the hallway and thought "big deal".. well, then I saw my person come in too! I was so surprised and happy, I wiggled my whole body and did my extra-happy prancy dance

Me & Boo - 2/23/09

action sequenceSometimes my bestest anipal Boo Kitty lives with me and sometimes she doesn't.. I don't understand how that works, but I'm always happy when she's here

We're about the same age (both kids) and we play pretty much all the time - we have to be separated so we can take our naps and rev up for another round

My person says it's not possible to get a not-moving pic of us playing together, so this one will have to do.. I chase her, then she chases me, then we wrestle awhile, then I sniff her butt, then she growl-squawks, then we chase again, and we keep doing all that over & over.. sometimes she hides to jump out and surprise me, and sometimes she jumps up on to something high to tease me - when she does that, I woof at her

The Big Lie - 2/22/09

I don't know why they keep calling it sun day: it's a big fat lie.. this is the second sun day in a row with no sun at all.. and the rainy came back, which means no walkies for me

To make it worse, I was sniffing the rainy at the back door when a piece of it flew in and attacked me! I give up - I'm going to sleep

Entertainer of the Year - 2/21/09

StainsBig Ups to Stains the Australian shepherd from my favorite tv show "It's Me or the Dog" for winning Entertainer of the Year Award from "The Soup"!

Stains shot to stardom when my heroine Victoria Stilwell was called in to put him in a zombie trance so he wouldn't eat cupcakes - you can click here to see the winning video of Stains in action.. amazingly, he beat out such stellar trainwreck competition as Al Roker and the skanks from "Rock of Love".. Stains accepted his award in person, and got an entire tray of cupcakes treats

Personally I think the "It's Me or the Dog" Weimaraner who opened kitchen cupboards and helped himself to peanut butter would have been a better choice ("The Soup" featured him too) but it's a pretty big day for doggies when one of us wins such a prestigious award

Sniffage is back - 2/20/09

The icky rain finally went away so I've been getting some nice long walkies again.. I like having my litterbox here inside when it's cold or wet outside, but it can also make my person get a little lazy about walkies sometimes

Now that's it's drying up out there, I'm once again able to sniff and sniff and sniff to my heart's content.. I am SO grateful to all the doggies (and outdoor kitties too) who make the big world outside so very interesting for busy noses like mine

Say the secret woid - 2/18/09

GrouchoTrixieFor some reason, I helped BooKitty get on Twitter.. it seemed like a good idea at the time, but this is how she repaid me.. now everyone who sees me on Twitter thinks I'm funny looking and have poor vision.. I'm not sure how to change it back, and Boofy's gone hiding (but I can hear her giggling)

Well, if I have to look like somebody goofy for awhile, I'm glad it's Groucho Marx.. he came up with my very first Weekend Woofwords quote: "Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend.. inside of a dog, it's too dark to read"

Update: I paid the exorbitant ransom demand (7 of my kibbles and no sniffing Boo Kitty's butt for one hour) and got my proper picture back

Toehawks - 2/17/09

toehawksOne of my Twitter anipals Misha the cat & her buddy Cosmo are having a toehawk contest for floofy kats.. true, I'm not a kat but Misha told me I could enter anyway since I'm floofy

I didn't even know these were called toehawks before: I thought they were just dirt & water attractors on my feetses

toehawksI used to have LOTS bigger toehawks before I had a mani-pedi a couple months ago (you couldn't even see my toeses!) but I think they've grown back enough to enter the contest, don't you? The top pic is my back foot, and the bottom is my front foot

Do you have toehawks too? Enter Misha's contest!

Ms. Dainty Destructo - 2/16/09

untiedI may look sweet and dainty, but supposedly tough toys like Kong hide-a-treat, Kong Wubby, Dogzilla chewies, and even Hardcore Fire Hose have all fallen apart when they found their way into my Jaws of Destruction - most of them within a few minutes.. I still have most of those, but now they're kept out of my reach and I'm not allowed to play with them by myself

I've even figured out how to untie those fun rope chewies - yes anipals, it can be done! I don't get them anymore because, as I tweeted once, I end up eating some of the strings and then my poops are strung together like beads.. I think it's festive, but my person says no

Today I got a real bone, and it's stuffed with cheez and bacon goodness! I love it and I haven't chipped or broken it yet so I get to keep it (so far)

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