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Sun day? - 2/15/09

One of my favorites things is napping in my little patch of sunshiney.. it's trickier than it sounds since it keeps moving from here to there, but it's worth keeping up with.. sadly, my sunny spot has been missing this week so I was really happy when I heard today was going to be sun day

I had Big Plans to nap in my sunshiney spot no matter where it was today, but now I find out it was all a lie: my sunshiney spot is still missing, even though it's sun day! It's also wet and rainy outside, which I hate hate hate

Valentine trouble - 2/14/09

Boo KittyI've been a little naughty lately, but I blame Boo Kitty for most of it.. she gets up to all kinds of mischief - up as high as five feet or so as you can see by her new sneaky sleepy place, which usually has things like apples and bananas in it, not kitty-kats

I'm supposed to bark at her when she gets on the kitchen counters, but when she leaned against the coffee maker to turn it on, and when she licked all over the buttery-floury cake pan, I just stared in disbelief

Then she told me to steal an M&M, so I did.. it was a pink one (and only one, so I guess it's just an M, huh?) I know I'm not allowed to eat chocolates so I'm double-tempted to try it and see what all the fuss is about.. well, it did not melt in my mouth before my person made me spit it out, so I'm still in the dark about what chocolates is all about

Bitey oopsy - 2/13/09

There isn't really enough room to go wilding on my person's lap, but last night I did it anyway - and went a little too far.. I was just doing my usual high speed spin, wriggle, squirm & spin, but there was this button, see, and it said BITE ME so I did

I guess since I was wilding at the time, I got a little carried away and apparently I put a little bitey on my person when I accepted that button's invitation.. I say apparently because I didn't even realize I did it, but I probably did 'cause my person screeched.. I got picked up, removed from the lap, put down on the floor, and scolded

It was just a little bitey but that's the first time I ever did it.. later I was able to make my way back to the lap - take it from me, snuggling is a lot better for lap work than wilding

Birdie treatses - 2/12/09

Apparently some blue birdies called Jay use my backyard to raise their babies every year.. this will be my first spring so I can't confirm this story is true, but it probably is

I guess they're getting ready to settle down and have babies, so my person keeps giving them lots of treatses.. their favorite is crumpled-up sourdough bread (the sweet kind).. well, I can tell you that I would really like some of that bread for a treatses too, but it's okay - I sniff out and nibble the leftover crumbles when I go out there

Not my fault - 2/11/09

So I was just sitting here waiting for my ear fringes to grow in like Mickey's (see below), when my bestest anipal Boo Kitty came in! I love when Boofy comes to visit - we play & play, chasing & wrestling & romping til we're both pooped out

Even if she is a terrorist (like I explained in my January 27 blog), I don't really mind that as long as my kibble's locked up.. but she's entirely way too interested in my litterbox: she likes to use it even though hers is perfectly good

That makes my litterbox entirely way too interesting to me and in the interest of full disclosure, I will admit I've been known to a) dig in my box after she's used it and b) decided the diggings were a little snackable.. I know, it's disgusting - but hey, I'm a dog

Well, now when Boofy's here the door to my litterbox room is kept closed, and since I can't reach the doorknob, I had to leave a little present in the hallway.. maybe I do need to work on asking for the door to Open Sesame, but I still say this one's not my fault

Big ups to Stump - 2/10/09

StumpI watched the Westminster Dog Show and naturally I feel the pretty tri-color papillon was ROBBED, but I have to give props to Sussex spaniel Ch. Clussexx Three D Grinchy Glee for winning the top prize.. that's a mouthful, so he goes by Stump

What's pretty cool is that he's 10 years old, making him the oldest dog to ever win Westminster.. before Stump, that honor was held by an 8-year-old papillon who won in 1999

MickeyI've added a click on the side to a video of the papillon judging.. lots of black & whites competed but I think they made a great choice with this guy, Ch. Domino's Once in a Blue Moon, aka Mickey.. you can see videos of all the dog brands & groups there too

In other news, I saw and sniffed a dandy-lion on walkies today, so it's very possible the local groundhog goofed and spring is almost here

Politics - 2/9/09

You probably think us anipals just go along chasing our tails and wondering if it's suppertime yet, but our world is far more complex than that

For example, you probably know about Sockington, the feline superstar of Twitter who gets about 1,000 new fans a day.. well, his roomie Penny has been calling him names and hinting that he's a little stoopid.. while this might be true, it puts anipals like me in a tricky situation since I love them both: I'm a kibble-carrying private in Socks Army and I'm proud to be a member of Penny's Angels

Lots of us just continue to support both of them (and hope we can jump clear of the hissing and slashing claws if/when they break out), but rabble rousers mutual friends like Rudy the Parrot and Missy & Shayla Yorkie keep trying to drag us into the fur-flying

There's also a lot of domestic violence among us: normally harmonious housemates like Rosie & Cheeto and Megumi & Seimei can erupt into spats at any moment, Loki the talking cat is often harassed by risen-from-the-dead kitty Lazarus, and professional glamour pug Eloise is constantly under threat from Aston the Beagle attempting to steal her spotlight and/or her toys

Then there's the squirrel threat: you may not realize it, but anipals have long been aware of the global takeover plans by Bud Ceiling and his kind, so we must stay ever-vigilant towards these guys and give chase at every opportunity, including our dreams

All in all, it's harder than you'd think to stay on friendly terms with anipals especially if, like me, you aren't a specist.. in fact it can be exhausting, so I'm off for a nice nap.. is it suppertime yet?

I heart Victoria - 2/8/09

Victoria StilwellVictoria Stilwell that is, the lady person from "It's Me or the Dog".. I always watch her show (even though it means I might not get away with as much as I'd maybe like to) because she knows what's what: she never blames the doggies for being bad even when they do naughty things - she always blames their doodyhead persons

The only thing I don't like about her show is that she makes the doggies practice Someone's At The Door a lot, and the knock-knocks and ding-dongs always make me run to my door and bark

She's always all strict & tough at first, with her hair tied up and her sporty little car, but when her students start doing their words right and she says "good dog" or "good girl" with her soft happy/proud voice, I just melt

She's in My Favorite Clicks on every page here on my woofsite.. she also has a book out to teach persons about their doggies.. it's also called It's Me or The Dog and it's also great

Riding for ring-a-lings - 2/7/09

My person's ring-a-ling got broken (not by me), so yesterday I went for a ride in the car to the ring-a-ling store.. it was raining.. I hate rain

When the car stopped, my person and me walked over to a wall and it moved! I kid you not anipals, this wall opened up and went sliding inside the rest of the wall, and you won't believe this: there was a tiny little room behind it! And we went inside it!

Then the wall slid again and closed us inside the little room, and it started to wobble - it was kind of scary but I was brave - and then the wall slid open once again and we were in a different place! It was so weird & magical, and I still don't understand it all, but I did find out it was called an "elf-a-later"

The person in the ring-a-ling store said it was fine that I was there, so that's one more person-store I can go into, which is always nice, and I was very, very good.. but my person didn't want any of their ring-a-lings, so I'll probably be riding for ring-a-lings again

Neglected - 2/6/09

I don't know why persons have to do this "work" thingy.. I don't even know what it is except it makes my person neglect me for hours & hours.. I understand it has something to do with my kibble, but I'm not sure what

All I know is that I get really bored without constant attention and playtime, and I miss my long walkies.. I hope it doesn't last like this for long - although I must admit I'm getting caught up on my sleeps

HOT TIP for persons - 2/5/09

Us dogs & cats (and your own baby persons) know a few things that you grownup persons probably forgot, but these things can improve your life if you can learn to remember them

One of them is the Art of the Stretch: you'll notice that us anipals (and your own baby persons) ALWAYS take time for a big giant stretch or three upon waking up.. this eases the harsh transition from sleeping to not sleeping, and it feels really good

The other thing is at the other end: when we go from awake to asleep, at that very last second before we drop into deep & dreamy slumber, we take a big breath and let out a big, long, deep sigh.. this welcomes us to the sleepy and it too feels really good

We're smarter than you and have far less stress, so take a note from us and add these two simple tips back into your lives.. you used to know them when you were baby persons so I'm sure you can remember them again.. of course, more naps all around helps too

Scary pillow - 2/4/09

A pillow appeared on the floor out of nowhere so naturally, being the big, mean, ferocious watchdog that I am, I started barking at it.. my person looked at me like I was nuts, then finished refolding the towel I use on the sofa to lay on, and put the pillow back next to it

Yep, that's right: the menacing pillow was the same one I nap next to and lean against all the time.. I'm not proud of this little judgement error, but I feel I must tell all here

Does this coat make me look fat? - 2/3/09

bathafter bath

Last night I got put into the gigantic water bowl and bubbled up.. I'm not crazy about baths, especially when I have to pose for pictures that make me look goofy and pathetic, but I made sure my person got wet too, so that was a plus

When I'm wet, I'm reminded of how slim & trim I really am - it's easy to forget that sometimes because of my fluffiness

I got dry pretty fast from being towel-swaddled and then wilding around the house, so I didn't have to have the hair dryer this time.. now I smell as pretty as I look, and my whites are so white that sunglasses are required to look at me - I actually sparkle

Grounddog Day - 2/2/09

shadowI don't really understand Groundhog Day

I'm not even sure what a groundhog is and I don't know anyone named Phil, but I'm celebrating in a big way anyhow since it's the only holiday about an anipal

By the way, if there's an opening for someone whose resumé includes shadow-watching, I'm available

Supper Bowl - 2/1/09

squirrelI didn't pay much attention to the Super Bowl today after I found out it wasn't the Supper Bowl, but I did watch the Puppy Bowl and LOVED IT

I also went for a long walkies while the not-Supper Bowl was on, and it was the best walkies ever - there were no cars out there at all! And I dressed up my Twitter page for Valentines, with lots of pink and candy

And if that isn't enough, I also had a staring contest with this guy: he was taunting me something awful, so I barked at him.. that made me lose the staring contest, but at least he ran away

Whew, that's a big day for a little pup like me - I'm pooped

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