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Farewell to too many anipals - 12/30/09

This is a sad post and I'm sorry for that, but I thought it was important to remember the anipals who crossed the Rainbow Bridge this year - there were way too many of them

I'm afraid to think there might have been even more that I didn't hear about.. if you know of others, please let me know on my twitter and I'll add them here

First, some famous anipals who are no longer with us:
Daisy, Jessica Simpson's maltipoo
Genghis Khan, one of Martha Stewart's chow chows
Gidget, the Taco Bell chihuahua
Ivan, Oprah Winfrey's cocker spaniel puppy
Loki, Mickey Rourke's chihuahua - he got a special mention when Mr. Rourke won an award
Socks Clinton, former First Cat

We lost so many twittering anipals, which makes me sad.. some of these tweeted a lot and some not so much, but all are missed:

A few of our Twitter friends lost pets who didn't have their own twitters:
Cricket kitty, and Max of @dixie_belle
Golda of @LizTufte_Dogs
Grandma Cat of @Monkey_Cat
Little Kitty of @LillorCats
Majestic the Cat of @sallythecat (formerly @majsally)
Mitzie of @purrxlots
Neutron of @LadyFuzz
Ol' Cinder of @AtomicBluCollie

I lost two very special anipals:
Ashes, special kitty of my friend @PatchyPatchy & her person @attwx
Max, a doggie I met a few times who lived with a nice lady named Audrey

And finally, it was a terrible loss for all when @sadieshihtzu ate/destroyed her stuffed squeakie boyfriend @herbthehound

I'm sure many of you have fond memories of many of these anipals, so please join me in tipping out a slosh from your waterbowl, milk saucer or trough in remembrance of them.. here's hoping everybuddy stays healthy in 2010!

The many looks of me - 12/27/09

I've had some fun with my Twitter pictures this year, so I thought I'd gather some of them together to see my many looks in one place in a kind of year-end retrospective, if you will.. I can't remember why I had these Groucho glasses, but they were fun

These are some of my everyday avatars, starting with my current mug shot, my one years old pic, and my teenage mug shot.. I had a couple of me enjoying my bully sticks too - I figured those Britney persons get lots of attention chewing on theirs, so why shouldn't I?


Howlidays are fun for everyone, and it's fun to dress up for them.. these were my outfits for St. Pawtrick's Day, my Easter bonnets (I couldn't decide which I liked better), Howloween (I was a zombie again, like I was for April Fool's), and my Christmas pic was me in my new JINGLE BELL ROCK tee shirt


One of my favorites was when I was Balloon Dog for a few days, in honor of the little boy everyone watched as he went flying across the country, or didn't.. I had a little virtual trip around the world in my balloon and waved to all my anipals.. virtual means pretend, by the way

Some other fun looks this year were Driving Miss Trixie (that one's not pasted up: I was really driving the car), my Boy George-inspired '80s look, my diamond tiara & roobies (not rabies) necklace, my pie-rat outfit for Talk Like a Pie-rat Day, and I also had an Egyptian hieroglyphics look that's called "bas relief"


All in all, I had some fun playing with my picture this year! Who knows what kind of looks 2010 will bring?

Thank you, Santa - 12/26/09

gifts from SantaI spent all night and all day watching Santa deliver his presents all over the world, thanks to the wonderful persons at NORAD Tracks Santa, and I had to wait and wait and wait til he got here since I live at the end of his route.. you can bet I left some carrots for his reindeers, since they do all the work and he gets all the cookies

Well, I fell asleep for a few minutes and when I woke up, he'd been here and my stocking was full! I had to go to bed then and wait til morning to find out what he brought me, but it was worth waiting for: I got a new squeakie toy like the indestructible one below in my December 8 entry (but this one's shaped like a bone), and a ball made of tightly coiled colorful ropes (that I can't untie)*, and some Greenies stix, and some of my favorite bully stix, and a bunch of my "good girl" cookies, and a few fancy little doggie food meals (with peas YUMMY!)

* Update: I untied it

Also my good buddy Ms Patchy and her roomie "The New Guy" and their person sent me some more chewies, a BEEYOOTIFUL picture frame with a papillon on it that looks just like me! and - you won't believe this - a doggie Snuggie! It's so cute but it made me bark out loud when I saw it

I'm sorry to say I was left alones on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for awhile but it wasn't too bad.. I found out later the Christmas Day place my person went to said I could have come and played with Jasper the Jack Russell terrier - too bad they didn't invite me before! But all in all, it was a lovely Christmas for me - I hope it was for you too!

Sparklies - 12/19/09

sparkliesTis the season for sparklies, and they're everywhere: I see them on houses, on stores and on trees when I go walkies.. there's some on my house too, and even more inside!

I don't really understand them but they're pretty.. I think they have something to do with Christmas? Last year was my first one of those and it was pretty neato, especially all the new toys & treatses, and also the extra good foods like TURKEYS! I understand Christmas is coming again soon, and I'm ready for it

Sadie, the sweetest shih tzu - 12/13/09

Sadie Shih TzuThis is my anipal Sadie Shih Tzu, the social media puppy of the many haircuts.. she's been my buddy on Twitter for about as long as I've been on Twitter, and she always makes me BOL (which means Bark Out Loud in doggie-speak, our version of laughing)

She recently wrote a blog about me in which she proclaimed her love for me, and praised this woofsite.. it made me feel so happy and waggy, I can hardly stand it

If you don't already, you should really follow Sadie's Twitter! She barks about things like getting in troubles and playing in snow, and her own woofsite which is pretty darn cool.. she posts lots of fun pictures and videos, and writes about her interesting life being a social media puppy, and she's as funny as she is cute.. I must say here that I am NOT just saying this to return in kind: Sadie is one of my very favorite anipals.. I am grateful to call her friend, and I'd like nothing better than to meet her nose-to-nose one day

Oh, my fringes - 12/11/09

I have been very patient here growing up and waiting for my ear fringes to grow in and fill in.. I have accepted that I will probably never have the super full, super long that dog show papillons have, and that's okay: mine are very pretty just the same and anyway, those would be a lot of work

I've been having ear fringe problems this week: first my person noticed a dreadlock in one and had to cut it out; next I got my toenail stuck in them while scratching my ear, and I pulled out a big tuft trying to get free (that HURT!); and then my person found another little tangle that wouldn't untangle and had to cut it out too

Worst of all, these were all on the same ear so now I look a little lopsided.. I'm not sure what's going on as I get my ears brushed regularly - usually every day - along with the rest of me.. I guess it's just a bad week for fringes

Need a durable dog toy? - 12/8/09

my red squeakieI've documented here some of my successes in destroying new toys within minutes of receiving them.. I can untie rope toys, pull out stuffing and de-squeak squeakies in record time, even for supposedly "indestructible" toys.. well, I've had this red ring for THREE MONTHS and it isn't dead yet - it's hardly even frayed

It has two squeakies inside which makes me happy, and it has seven rows of stitching and four rows of material, which makes my person happy.. it's rated 8 on the 1-to-10 Tuff-Scale which means it's pretty darn tuff, and it tastes a lot better than those rubber Kong toys (even if they have treatses inside them - and anyway, I chip the edges of those easily when I'm trying to get the treatses out)

This toy is made by Tuffy/VIP Products and comes in different sizes & colors.. you can get your own from Amazon.com and also from Petco.com.. this is an official iTrixie Approved toy! It also comes in a bone shape that I'm hoping Santa Claws brings me

Christmastime is coming, and I'm ready for it - 12/6/09

jingle bell rockLast year was my very first Christmas and it was fantastic! Lots of good eats, new toys and treatses, everything was all sparkly and everybuddy was very nice.. I can hardly believe I get to do it all over again, but they tell me it's coming soon

As you know, I'm not the kind of doggie who needs a new outfit for every occasion, but I did get one for Christmas: it's like a tee-shirt and it's also like a dress, so I can wear it anywhere.. it says JINGLE BELL ROCK and it's pretty comfy, as wearing clothes goes - I especially like the little plaid skirt part.. my person was also glad to get this nice picture of me in it

I wore it on walkies and three persons stopped to say what a cute doggie I am (which isn't surprising since I am, but it's nice to hear), and one grumpy man walked past and then smiled when he looked at me

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