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Towel tug - 4/29/09

towel tugYou might think I didn't post yesterday because I was too busy celebrating my one years barkday, and that would be a reasonable assumption, but I'm sad to say it's not the case.. I didn't have a party, I didn't get a party hat, and I still don't know what cake is

I did however get a nice new chewie bone that was stuffed with some good tasty stuff, and I'm pleased to say I got every bit of it out.. now that I'm an official Dog and no longer a puppy, I can do things like that all by myself

Unlike my stoopie person who was doing that weird thing called "work" all day, my little buddy Boo Kitty did help me celebrate my barkday by playing chase and wrestle with me a lot (much to the dismay of my concentrating person), and together we invented this new game called Towel Tug.. since I'm a little bigger than a papillon is supposed to be and Boo's a little smaller than a cat's supposed to be, I usually won the tug but we both had fun

Presents! - 4/27/09

new collarsIt's not my one years barkday til tomorrow, but I got presents in the mail today, and it was addressed to me!

I entered two pictures in @isabellacane's photo contest, and I won two new collars - I guess one for each picture! I entered this one and this one, both from my terrific outing to the tippy top of Mt Diablo a couple weeks ago

They are beautiful collars, one green and one blue, and they fit me perfectly! Check out to see her full line of really nice collars, leashes, sweaters, beds, and all kinds of terrific doggie stuff, including a lot of them inspired by William Wegman's famous weimaraners.. many thanks Isabella!

Off limits - 4/26/09

flowersThat's what I keep hearing - in my own backyard!

It used to be full of leaves & muck and it was great fun to romp around out there, but now it's all different: there's flowers and things everywhere, and even some tomatoes and pee-pod plants.. while I'm looking forward to eating my very own pees and pee-pods, I'm not at all pleased with being told I can't go here and I can't go there when I go out there to play

It's a pretty small backyard to start with, and it's just not as much as it used to be

Grown up foods report - 4/25/09

my new foodsI've had two meals now of grown up dog foods - supper last night and brekkies today - and I have to say I approve! The grown up foods is mixed up with my puppy foods for now to make sure it doesn't disagree with me, but I can sure taste it in there, and I like it

I'm sticking with Nutro for now at least, since it has no cows and no corn, and since I'm doing so well on it and my person says my poop is good (you know how obsessed they are with poop).. I went from Natural Choice Small Bites Puppy kibbles with chicken meal, rice and oatmeal to Natural Choice Small Bites with lamb meal and rice; and from Max Puppy wet food to to Max Adult - both with chickens, rice and lamb.. (note this pic is not to scale)

There was a man at Petco who the practicing chow-chow was with, and he wanted my person to buy AvoDerm foods instead - he gave me a sample to try it.. I'll see how I like that, but it costs a little more and my person is kinda cheap

My bill of health - 4/24/09

.. is clean, according to the doctor person I saw today for my one years checkup.. yay me! I was pronounced fit & healthy all around, and I only needed one shot, but it was done by blowing stuff up my nose - I didn't like that much, but I guess it's better than getting stuck

As usual, everyone at the doctor place was extra nice, and I met three other doggies there - all of them much bigger than me - plus the nice black office kitty.. afterwards I went to Petco to get GROWN UP dog food since I've now graduated to that.. there I met three teeny tiny Yorkies, and two more teeny tiny Yorkies, and a nice chow-chow who was practicing how to behave properly (and doing well at it).. all in all, a great day!

Hot hot hot - 4/21/09

Big news from the backyard: the blue jay eggs have hatched! Mr & Mrs Jay pack up so much food in their beaks to take back to the babies, they can hardly take off, and when they finally do fly the food home, I hear the babies going SQUEE SQUEE SQUEE for a couple seconds.. I can't wait til they're big enough to come down from their nest to my yard

It's been so hot here lately that I've been staying inside mostly, laying around and sleeping a lot - when I'm not wrestling with Boo Kitty, that is.. my person's been working a lot, so it works out well - except for all the wrestling with Boo Kitty, that is

I just found out I'm going to the doctor person on Friday for my one years checkup! I've been there twice before: once was just to say hi and get checked out when I first arrived here at my forever home, and the last time I went I had to stay there for a few hours to get fixed (and I wasn't even broken!) That wasn't so fun, but I like them there and more important, they like me! So everything should be fine, even though I'm seeing a man doctor this time instead of my favorite lady doctor person.. I'll give a full report after I go

I got crimped - 4/19/09

crimpy fringeActually my ear fringes crimp themselves after a bath - I don't know why, but they always do this when they're drying, and then they go back to normal

Today's bath was a gnarly one: it's extra-warm and summery today, so my person thought I might like to get my first outside bath and play with the hose water.. WRONG! It was a miserable experience all around and quite humiliating.. it's not nearly as warm out there when one is all wet & soapy, and as for playing with the hose water? No thanks

Luckily it ended, but then when I was back inside and doing my usual wilding to finish drying off, I hurt my foot flying off the sofa.. it seems okay now, but it made me squeak when I did it! I'm going to sleep the rest of the day so nothing else can go wrong

Wonderful sleep - 4/18/09

I don't know who invented sleep, but it's about the best thing ever.. I like to sleep whenever I can, whether it's a quick little kat nap by the window, a nice long snooze on the sofa, or overnight konk-out on the bed

When I go to bed at night, I get a major burst of energy and do squiggles on my back, practice my rollovers, and tell my person how happy I am.. then I poke & pull at the covers to make a nice little rounded sleepy spot, and then I plop down into it and drift away.. then when I wake up, I do more squiggles and pop up for a new day full of fun and naps

Wildlife - 4/17/09

squirrel coming inI have lots of wildlife in my backyard including lots of birdies, an occasional raccoon, and squirrels.. I think wildlife means anipals who live outside and have to get their own kibble, and some of it's wilder than others

This squirrel for instance has been harassing me and Boo Kitty a lot lately, running back & forth across our fence, taunting & chittering at us, and stealing the birdie food.. the other day he climbed right up the screen door and tried to come inside! We were right there on this side of the screen, and couldn't believe our eyes & noses

Then there's the blue jays - actually our kind is called scrub jays but that's not a very nice sounding word for such pretty birdies - most think they're obnoxious birdies, especially anipals who've been dive-bombed by them, but when they're near their nest area, they are really sweet - Mr & Mrs Jay's nest is just a couple of trees over

perched jayI said wildlife has to get its own food, but my person helps the jays since they raise their babies here in my backyard (they like bread).. they also get waters here, and sometimes they take baths in their water bowl - if I splashed as much waters out of my bath as they do, I'd be in big troubles! They're very fun to watch, and I can't wait til their babies hatch and are big enough to come here too

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