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Bobama! - 4/14/09

Bo and friendFirst Puppy Charlie, who was born Amigo's New Hope, is in place in his new home! He's been renamed Bo, and is already running off-leash in the White House with President-person Obama

As most everyone knows by now, Bo is a 6-month-old Portugese water dog, a very active and lively breed.. he comes from Texas, and his breeder Martha Stern is also president of the Lowchen Club of America - lowchen means "little lion" and they are nice doggies too

Bo, Michelle and MaliaSome persons think there might be an explosion of interest in Porties now, which could make some bad persons start churning them out too fast, without caring about the puppies or the parents.. as I said the other day, I'm kind of hoping Bo will misbehave a lot in public, both for the comedy and so a lot of persons might not want such a hyper doggie, so the puppy mills don't win

I just watched Bo's official debut on TV - he looked really cute, happy & frisky, and I could tell Sasha & Malia were as happy as can be.. this picture is by Ana Marie Cox who was there, and said that Malia said "I love him! He's perfect!" Bo's one lucky pup to get to live in such a nice place with such nice little girls

Happy Easter - 4/12/09

I'm the first to admit I don't understand what Easter's about (or most person holidays for that matter), but today was a big day and I had a good time.. I didn't see any bunnies or get any chocolates, but I did go to the olden man's house for a long time and I got a little bit of hams, which I LOVE

I was extra good the whole time, mostly just staying under the table and being quiet, and I didn't bark or jump up on persons, so I'm pretty proud of myself.. we brought some hams home with us and I will get more than just a couple teensy morsels for my supper soon - I can't wait! I hope everyone had as nice a day as I did

Smackdown! plus Charlie's on the way - 4/11/09

SmackdownUnfortunately my part-time roomie Boo Kitty lost her Kitty Fight Club bout to the uber-adorable Samson, but Boo's still in a fighting mood

Don't worry, it's not as bad as it looks: yes, we play rough sometimes, but it is just play.. sometimes I try to put a play bitey on her but I also know that she knows how to use those slashing scratchers of hers, so mostly we just play chase with an occasional quick wrestling smackdown.. so far, nobody's gotten hurt

See that stripey rug there? Not long after this picture, it was all curled up and moving by itself across the floor! Naturally I had to bark at that to get my person's attention.. it turned out Boo had gotten her little thumb slasher stuck in it, then she wrapped it around herself and got stuck in it! Silly kat

In other news, it's being reported that the long-awaited First Puppy will arrive on Tuesday! He's a six-month-old Portugese water dog from Texas named Charlie, although the Obamas might rename him to something else.. apparently he's already been sold and taken back (which might just be a story to explain getting him from a breeder rather than a shelter), but those can be pretty frisky doggies - what if he was returned for being too much of a wild child? Personally, I'm kind of hoping he's not a perfectly behaved puppy, because I don't care much about politics, but I do like comedy

Darcy - 4/10/09

DarcyThis is my new buddy Darcy, a miniature schnauzer who's about six years old.. she came visiting at my house today with her person

I had so much fun running around, dancing & prancing, and showing her around, and sniffing of course - she was pretty calm and mostly just sniffed.. but we got along great, and we even got to go the dog park together for a little while

I like making new friends, especially when they're nice and about my size, like Darcy.. unfortunately I don't think she'll be visiting again since she's moving away, but I'm glad she came today so we could have the Big Fun together

Lazy squirrel - 4/9/09

lazyI don't know what the squirrels are like where you live, but in my backyard they're always very busy, and very quick, so it was pretty weird to look out my window the other day and see this guy just laying around on my fence

Well, I guess they do work pretty hard and they deserve to take a break now & then just like everybody else

Big savings on flea goop - 4/7/09

AdvantageIf you're like me, you get dosed with flea goop every month to keep the bitey bugs away.. I'm not crazy about it but I don't mind it as much as my person minds paying for it - I'm told it costs a lot of dollars (which should be used for toys and treats)

But here's some good news: my person found it for a whole lot less, from this great seller at! They sell Advantage, Frontline and K9 Advantix for dogs or cats for a fraction of what you have to pay at stores or other online sites.. it's the exact same products - you just have to measure out the amount each month

It's easy: the goop comes in a factory-sealed tube that looks just like your regular monthly tube.. you pour it all into a little glass vial (included), then measure out the right amount in a plastic syringe (included) and put it on our necks like usual.. note the syringe is just for measuring and neck-dabbing: it is not a shot! You also get complete instructions

My person got me 10 months worth of Advantage Green (which I like, since it has a papillon on the box) for only $25 including shipping.. it was shipped the next day and the mailman brought it to my house a couple days later by Priority Mail

If you use flea goop, you know $25 is more like what two or three months' worth usually costs, but I got ten! I'm really excited about this find and so is my person, so we wanted to share the good news with everybody

Top of the world, Ma! - 4/6/09

Mt DiabloThat's where I went yesterday, and I liked it up there.. it was a perfect day and the hat came off my car so all the smells came to me, and all the sunshine, and the breeze blew through my hairs

I went up to the tippy top of a place called Mt. Diablo which I'm told can be seen from all over the San Francisco Bay Area, and I believe it since I could see the whole world from up there! But I wasn't as interested in the views as I was in all the new sniffage: there were little flowers everywhere and new kinds of trees & dirts.. there were also smells left behind by all kinds of creatures that I can't even imagine - I wish I could have seen more of them but I just saw squirrels & birdies

I met four poodles who were traveling together, a little long-haired chi-wow-wow, and a big Lab - they were all friendly and enjoying their day out as much as me.. I also saw lots of persons on bicycles, and about seven persons who wanted to know all about what kind of doggie I am.. it was a great day and I didn't even get carsick on the windy roads

Boo Kitty needs your help - 4/5/09

baby BoofyI know I bitch about my part-time roomie Boo Kitty a lot (well, she is a terrorist and I am a bitch) - but she really needs our help now

Today is her featured bout in Kitty Fight Club which our New Zealand anipal Misha is running.. as you can see, Ms. Boofy was an utterly adorable baby and so figured she'd be a natural in the lighter-than-featherweight class

Well, Boo's been matched up against a fluffy little Canadian tuxedo named Samson who is, to quote Boo, "a BROOTUL aponut".. yes, I know her spelling is atrocious, but she's right: Samson is pretty darn cute.. but Boo's a pretty cool little kat and the best four-legged friend I have, plus she harasses all those full-of-themself Twitter celebrities on behalf of all of us, so please click on through and VOTE FOR BOO! If she doesn't win she's going to make my life miserable.. thank you please

It's Okay to Miss the Bed on the First Jump - 4/4/09

It's Okay to Miss the Bed on the First JumpEvery Saturday, I dig through the interwebs to find a doggie quote for my Weekend Woofwords, and today I came across this book by John O'Hurley, that actor/tv host/dancer guy.. it sounds like he knows what's what

I selected today's quote "I believe dogs live in 15 minute increments, that every 15 minutes is a brand new day" from a section where he talks about his little doggies Betty & Scoshi, and how Mr. O'Hurley goes out to get the mail each day with "neither of them knowing or understanding why I'd break up the family like this, and wondering if I'll ever return," and how he comes back from the mailbox to a hero's welcome every day

The book's subtitle is Other Life Lessons I Learned from Dogs.. it's a really cute little book and I've ordered my very own copy from Amazon (the paperback version is just a few dollars right now).. they also have it for Kindle which my person likes

John O'Hurley has another book there too, called Before Your Dog Can Eat Your Homework, First You Have to Do It - I think he must be some kind of genius

Follow Friday - 4/3/09

On Fridays, lots of anipals and persons on Twitter like to recommend other anipals and persons to follow.. it's a good idea in theory, even if it's gone overboard a bit lately

Some anipals and persons list anyone & everyone, or those who have a zillion followers already, but I like to recommend anipals who are new to Twitter or those who are really fun but aren't very well known.. sometimes I do SPECIES GONE WILD where I list a few anipals who aren't the usual doggies or kats

Now there's also Meow Monday and Woof Wednesday on Twitter and with all the timezones and such, sometimes one leads right into the next without even a break, so I often miss one or the other.. it's getting too hard to keep up with my busy nap schedule

Back to normal, give or take - 4/2/09

Easter bonnetWell, that was weird

Apparently I only had a case of the 24-hour zombies, and I'm almost all over it.. I still feel a little bit bitey, but I'm told that should get better

While I was recuperating, I watched what I thought was going to be another great doggie movie, Slumdog Millionaire.. imagine my disappointment when I realized it was just another person movie - in fact, there wasn't a single dog in it! I am planning to woof to my congresspersons and consumer advocates about the false advertising

Meanwhile I've donned my new Easter bonnet and have embraced this wonderful thing called spring more than ever

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