Yep, it's me, iTrixie.. welcome to my woofsite

I'm a little papillon doggie and I'm 7 8 9 10 11 months one year two years old. I am smart, busy, playful, cuddly, mischievous, frisky, and cute. This woofsite is just sort of a collection of things I think are interesting - I hope you do too.

iTrixie blog
My latest blog entry is September 13 - My stinky summer
If you go looking at other pages here and forget where my blog is, it's got a click over on the side with all my other clicks.

iTrixie tweets
Mostly I use Twitter to bark updates about what I'm doing and to talk with my anipals. You can follow me to get my updates to your cell phone or read them on the web. You can talk to me there too, by sending a direct message or tweeting to @pappup

These are my latest tweets: (click here to see them all)

    Be sure to leave a comment and let me know you were here! As you can see, I'm working really hard to keep up with my correspondence.

    iTrixie trivia
    I used to be called Tinka but that didn't really suit me, so I changed my name to Trixie.. then I changed it again to iTrixie - not because I have Mac stuffs or because it's trendy, but because "i" is what I call myself

    Thanks for visiting - come back soon

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    Some of my favorite clicks
    CHEAP Advantage/Frontline dogs or cats

    Best Bully Sticks I LOVE THEM! pet supplies I love their stores
    Animal Planet the only good stuff on TV
    Victoria Stilwell 'It's Me or the Dog'
    Cesar Millan 'The Dog Whisperer'
    Dogstuff especially their papillon stuff
    I Has a Hotdog LOLdogs
    I Can Has Cheezburger LOLcats
    Upside-down Dogs
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    Twitter Critter Birthdays
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    Black Cats on Twitter

    Some of my favorite videos
    Kate & Gin 'Britain's Got Talent' finals
    Tina Humphrey & Chandi at Crufts 2007
    Nora, the piano playing cat
    Pete's Pond - African wildlife (streaming)
    Roomba riding kitty
    Why dogs really go outside

    Lauren Bacall's (peculiar) papillon Sophie
    Animal Planet: Papillons
    Bouncy papillon *boing boing*
    Papillon swims without water
    Ricky Papillon wins Crufts 2009 Toys
    Westminster 2009 papillon competition
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